Here we are, another week behind us, with the future looking grim, even as we somehow manage to get through one day at a time.

When I feel like everything is out of my control, with the walls closing in on me, I turn to the online world.  Movies, blog visiting, and when I get to that point, I start renovating my blogs. I found a new Bitmoji centerpiece for this site, one that makes me think of carefree spring days.  Yes, we sort of missed spring, and summer is heading our way with triple digits predicted for next week.  But I will look at the playful Bitmoji Me among the flowers and the butterflies, and I will smile.

I am also searching for ways to change up my tiny space…again.

Not drastic changes.  But I am thinking of ways to fix one corner of my entry way…so I ordered a shelf from Amazon.  It will take up little space, and I’ll be able to show off a few more photos, dolls, and trinkets.


The best part…it folds up, and no assembly is required!  When we cannot go into shops to buy things and have to rely on Amazon shipping, simple things are best. 

Since I have been here, I have ordered chairs; a step stool; a shelf for my TBR books (below), tucked under my entry table; and a few other assorted items.

Every day offers opportunities to play around with the surroundings, read our books, and try not to think about the uncertain future.


How are you dealing with Pandemic times?  Do the books help?  Do you have hobbies that take you out of the worries?  Hang in there!



Another example of our “New Normal,” aka The Lockdown:  the breakfast arrives in paper cartons, but because I need to grasp for some normalcy in these times, I unload the items into my own bowls and mugs/tumblers.  Once done, I can relax and feel like myself.

I am still reading The Missing Sister, by Elle Marr.  My plan is to finish it some time today.

Next I will be reading And They Called It Camelot, by Stephanie Marie Thornton.


I have enjoyed binge-watching shows and movies, and finished the three episodes of Little Fires Everywhere that are now available on Hulu.  I can’t wait for more episodes to come!  They left us on a cliff, hanging by a thread.


My day will be a pleasant one, I believe.  Using my isolation for good and trying to keep the anxiety at bay.

How are the rest of you doing?



As a new Saturday stretches ahead of me, I am feeling the peace that comes with moving past my surgery and moving forward with my new normal.

So far, I’m slowly learning to again eat the foods I became accustomed to before the surgery, and have actually tried a few things I hadn’t eaten in a long time. 

Tomorrow I’m planning my first outing since the surgery: Fiona is coming over and we will plan our day.


Even though I have lots of books to read, I find myself picking them up and then setting them aside.  I did finish one book this week…and I’m more than halfway through another.  But I’ve spent more time playing with blog headers and/or binge-watching shows on Netflix.  Unbelievable is the new one that has my attention this week.

How is your Saturday unfolding?  Do you sometimes find yourself distracted from your books?




When I created the new blog header above, I searched through some old photos and found this one I adore …my ubiquitous bench surrounded by Disney characters and books.  Things missing from my current home…except for the bench, of course.


The ubiquitous bench in its current iteration, at the foot of my bed:




I spent many happy years with books and Disney figurines…and I’m glad I took photos of them.  Now I am rebuilding my bookshelves, although I am pretty sure that I will never have as many hardcover books as I once did.  At one time, I had 1400 books, and before I moved, I had around 800…I think.

Here is the “embryonic stage” of my growing shelf:


There is something glorious about starting over from scratch…but I do miss what once was.  My photos will remind me, however, and will inspire me moving forward.


Today is Saturday, and I’ve been enjoying my reading and blogging, alone in my apartment.  Bliss!

What do you like to do on a Saturday?



It is time to bring back normalcy!  That is my mantra for this day in January 2019.  The pub table above showcased some of my Christmas items…and as I put everything away this morning, I realized that my plan to follow the “less is more” rule in my home worked out great.  Everything is back to normal!

The room is now cleared of all December items.  (Above) See that pub table without all the Christmas stuff?  And in between, the usual items.  (Below), the dining area is cleared as well.  The Coca Cola table is devoid of the miniature tree, and the candy cane and gingerbread bears are tucked away in their bins.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning!  I didn’t plan to do that…but not being able to go back to sleep afterwards meant I had things to do.

I posted my Weekly Updates…and just now I cleared away the Christmas stuff.

Am I sad?  No, I had enough of the holidays, and now I’m ready to read my February NetGalley ARCs.  I started Forget You Know Me, by Jessica Strawser, last night.  Loving it so far.

I might need a nap later…but I do have to collect my birthday boy grandson, who is 16 today.  Dinner at their home this evening.


How are you spending the first weekend of the New Year?



My Saturday morning has been cozy, curled up in my office finishing The Last Mrs. Parrish, which has turned into a twisty and intriguing tale.


As I contemplate the week ahead, I like looking at my stack of new hardcover books:  the ones on top.  Every Breath You Take, by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke, is another in the Under Suspicion series.  Every year since the series began, I have picked one of these books for my First Book of the Year.  I am planning to do the same with this one.


The next book on the stack, What Happened, by Hilary Rodham Clinton, is a book I plan to savor.  So I will probably wait a bit before diving into it.


So…now I am curling up here again to finish my fourth book of the week.  I’ve stacked the pillows in such a way to ensure my comfortable reading.  I also love being surrounded by the family pictures.


What do you enjoy on a Saturday morning?  I do hope to get out of the house later, once I’ve finished my book.



It’s a lovely Saturday, and I’m playing around with blog headers again.  My Mickey on the right side of the header is an image I haven’t used in ages.  Normally he lives on the hearth, next to Fantasia Mickey.


I’ve also been watching movies on my DVR, including one from the Lifetime Channel.  I don’t often watch one of those all the way through, but this one was about a writer who is struggling to produce a new hit book…and decides to plagiarize one from a fan.  It did not end well.

I’m enjoying The Burning Girl, but I haven’t gotten very far into it…because of the movies and playing with blogs.

I just downloaded Our Souls at Night, by Kent Haruf, once I learned from Mary, at Book Fan, that the upcoming Netflix movie with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford was based on this book…and that she loved it.


I found out about the movie after watching an episode of Ellen, in which Jane Fonda was a guest.  I remember loving some movies with Jane and Robert back in the day, like Barefoot in the Park.  1967.

I also saw them together in The Electric Horseman (1979)


Do you enjoy watching old favorite stars in new movies?  Do you have some favorites…other than Jane and Paul?  LOL.