Here we are, another week behind us, with the future looking grim, even as we somehow manage to get through one day at a time.

When I feel like everything is out of my control, with the walls closing in on me, I turn to the online world.  Movies, blog visiting, and when I get to that point, I start renovating my blogs. I found a new Bitmoji centerpiece for this site, one that makes me think of carefree spring days.  Yes, we sort of missed spring, and summer is heading our way with triple digits predicted for next week.  But I will look at the playful Bitmoji Me among the flowers and the butterflies, and I will smile.

I am also searching for ways to change up my tiny space…again.

Not drastic changes.  But I am thinking of ways to fix one corner of my entry way…so I ordered a shelf from Amazon.  It will take up little space, and I’ll be able to show off a few more photos, dolls, and trinkets.


The best part…it folds up, and no assembly is required!  When we cannot go into shops to buy things and have to rely on Amazon shipping, simple things are best. 

Since I have been here, I have ordered chairs; a step stool; a shelf for my TBR books (below), tucked under my entry table; and a few other assorted items.

Every day offers opportunities to play around with the surroundings, read our books, and try not to think about the uncertain future.


How are you dealing with Pandemic times?  Do the books help?  Do you have hobbies that take you out of the worries?  Hang in there!



  1. I have also discovered the awesome power of corner shelves. Found a bamboo corner shelf/cabinet at a second hand shop; the shells, wooden tiki, lamp, palm tree art, and hula girl were flea market scores. I can’t attach a photo here, so check your email. 😉

    Love, Craig

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    1. I haven’t received that e-mail yet, but I’ll keep checking, Craig..

      I love shelves that fit into corners. I once had a gorgeous red corner cabinet that Heather said I didn’t have room for…it is in her entry way, looking lost. It would be better here, but she won that battle. LOL

      I do love Amazon….whenever I am thinking about something, I go there. Like the little shelf unit that fits under my entry table. Perfect for my stacks of unread books.

      Love to you all, too!


  2. I love all the dolls you have sitting around. I have hundreds of dolls stored away, and keep thinking I should take this “down” time to go through boxes and bring some of them out. But I keep putting it off. Maybe next week. And yes, Amazon is a wonderful resource right now. We’ve ordered everything from medical supplies to jigsaw puzzles. And of course lots of books. Hope your days start looking a lot less grim, very soon!

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    1. Thanks, Joy, I love the dolls, too. I used to have so many more, a lot of them sitting out and others in bins in the garage. I only brought a few here, but I do feel cozier with them around.

      I vote for bringing them out, if you have the space. I have a studio apartment, so my space is limited these days.

      Stay safe and enjoy your time off. That’s how I have to look at it…like a bit of time off.

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  3. Oh gosh you have been imprisoned now for so long. It gives an idea how home detention for prisoners is actually a punishment. Great idea for the book case. I hear Bezos is about to be a trillionaire!!

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    1. When we started the lockdown, none of us would realize how long it could last, thanks to the ineptitude of #45! But I’m glad that I am having opportunities to work on my interiors. Thanks to Bezos and his company, lol.

      Thanks for visiting, Kathryn; at least we don’t have to hold a phone and look through glass, like they do in prison.

      Stay safe, and I’m grateful that your country has such a great leader…and I think of you and my granddaughter Aubrey, safely tucked away there.


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