It’s Tuesday!  You know what that means, right?  New book releases.  I found several I want, but so far I’ve downloaded two.

The Mother-in-Law, by Sally Hepworth, is a book I’ve been ogling for a while.

A twisty, compelling new novel about one woman’s complicated relationship with her mother-in-law that ends in death…


Then I clicked on over to this one:

I Know Who You Are, by Alice Feeney. ( I loved her book Sometimes I Lie).



I will sit on my hands for a bit, to avoid adding even more to my TBR…especially since I got another NetGalley book this morning!

The Long Call, by Ann Cleeves – Release date:  9/3/19

From Ann Cleeves—bestselling and award-winning author of the Vera and Shetland series, both of which are hit TV shows—comes the first in a gripping new series.

I’ve never read any of the author’s other books, but I’m a fan of the Netflix series Vera and Shetland.


Last night I started reading My Lovely Wife, by Samantha Downing…and I am glued to the pages.  Who knew?

Well, all of you out there who are writing rave reviews!


How is your Tuesday so far?





Happy Easter!  I woke up early this morning (5:30!), but stayed in bed an hour longer.  It felt like a luxury to do so, but every day can be like that in retirement.

Unless I have appointments.

Today I’m heading over to my daughter’s house for a barbecue, and my youngest son is accompanying me.  He and my DIL are visiting from Far North this week.  She will be spending the day with her other daughters.

Look what Heather did to her arm.  She has a lot of tattoos, but I especially love this Irish blessing.

I’ve been searching through my various photo folders, and despite trying hard to organize them, sometimes I can’t find a specific shot that I want to use.  Sigh.

On Bitmoji, I like finding cute images, like this one:


How are you spending your weekend?  Books, family, adventures?




Oh, no!  I had a handle on my NetGalley ARCs…and then some unexpected downloads and requests arrived, all in a closely staggered bunch.  I have TWELVE now!  And SIX of them will be released in August.  I guess I should start reading those books right away, and then avoid posting the reviews for a bit.

First, though, I’ll be reading Sunset Beach, a May 7 release by Mary Kay Andrews.  Then will come three June releases.



Today I’m reading Stillhouse Lake, a free Prime book that’s been resting on my Kindle for a while. (For two years!).

I’m loving it, so I wonder why it took so long.  Ah, yes, I tend to save the freebies until I’ve read most of the ones I purchased.  Hmm.


How is it Friday already?  What are you reading or thinking about today?




Welcome to Thursday!  Today I’m on a little journey of exploration.  A different browser, since with Firefox I’m unable to comment on Blogger sites.

I finally figured out how to bookmark sites here on Google Chrome…not difficult, but it took me a minute.  I am wondering if this browser will navigate better.  When we think we are all set with a trusty tool, we sometimes realize that there are other possibilities.  Especially when we are forced to do so.

I have my usual hair styling appointment…but it’s today instead of Friday.  Then I plan to get together with my youngest son, who is down here visiting, with his wife.  Today is the anniversary of our loss of Jessica, (below right).

What a week we have had, from the huge fire that destroyed Notre Dame in Paris to other reminders of losses we have suffered. (Jessica Remembered, below).



What does your week look like?  Have any of you used Google Chrome as a browser?  Any tidbits to share?




Wow!  This week has been surreal so far.  It began on Sunday with garage door issues…the door kept going up and down and wouldn’t stop, as if possessed.  Yikes!  Help came from a neighbor to manually close it…and then maintenance staff fixed it yesterday.

But today was supposed to be a good one.  It’s Tuesday, after all.  Book releases!

But when I went to comment on Blogger sites, I was unable to do so.  (Unless they had the User/URL option).  I have a Blogger profile, maintained since I last blogged there, and that usually carried me through.  But things are different now, apparently.  Probably a feature set in place just to annoy us, right?  Any thoughts?

I even created a little mini-blog site, hoping that would do it.  Not so far.  Sigh.


Moving on.  I have downloaded two new books, both released today.

Before She Was Found, by Heather Gudenkauf

A gripping thriller about three young girlfriends, a dark obsession and a chilling crime that shakes up a quiet Iowa town, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Weight of Silence.


The Better Sister, by Alafair Burke

Keep your enemies close and your sister closer.


I’m currently reading and loving Never Tell.  Lisa Gardner is one of my favorite thriller authors.


Let’s hope that the rest of the week will calm down!  Please!!



I love Tuesdays!  (And Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays).  Not to mention the weekends.  Every day brings something wonderful for readers and bloggers.

Book Releases come today…although sometimes they surprise us by arriving on other days.  When I searched the list of books coming in April, I was so excited, and quickly bookmarked a few on Amazon.

Today I downloaded two books:  The first was a pre-order, and the other is a book I’ve been seeing literally EVERYWHERE.

Someone Knows, by Lisa Scottoline, is a riveting novel about how a single decision can undo a family, how our past can derail our present, and how not guilty doesn’t always mean innocent.

I love this author!  Can’t wait to dive in.


And…I’ve been seeing this book EVERYWHERE:

My Lovely Wife, by Samantha Downing:  Dexter meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith in this wildly compulsive debut thriller about a couple whose fifteen-year marriage has finally gotten too interesting…


I’m currently reading (and loving!) The Editor, by Steven Rowley:  a novel about a struggling writer who gets his big break, with a little help from the most famous woman in America. (Yes, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis!).


What does your Tuesday bring you? Adventures, books, or something else?



Is it Wednesday already?  I’m halfway finished with my second book of the week, All the Wrong Places, by Joy Fielding, and I read and reviewed Back Stabbers, by Julie Mulhern (click for my review)…so that’s good.

Yesterday morning, I lost Internet…again.  And TV/Phone service, so I spent time on the cell phone (the only one that worked!) trying to sort it out.  They uploaded new software to my modem…and so far, so good.  I hate having to nervously check my modem to see how many lights are on before I even have my first cup of coffee.

Yesterday afternoon, I had lunch with my daughter and traipsed along with her to check out one of the Senior Apartment complexes she had on her list.  As usual, too expensive and too tiny, and a reminder of why I don’t want to go there yet.  My daughter thinks I should be planning ahead, but I think I’m comfortable and happy here.  And yes, they did raise the rent again, but I don’t even want to think of moving yet.  She’s planning to call my No. 2 son, but I don’t think he will fall into line.  Anyway, he and his fiancee are vacationing in Vietnam and Thailand.  Plus, the more she tries to persuade me, the more I dig in.  I love my freedom and independence!  And I can still walk, drive, think…etc.  And she’s not the boss of me! LOL.

Am I in a state of denial?  Maybe, but I’m comfortable there.


Upcoming books:

I Know Who You Are, by Alice Feeney (author of Sometimes I Lie). (April 23 Release Date).

Someone Knows, by Lisa Scottoline (April 9 – I pre-ordered it).


So…now I am getting ready to put my newest sheets on my bed…they are eggplant colored and very soft.  I think they’ll fit nicely with my boho bedding.  Here’s a peek: