My Saturday morning has been cozy, curled up in my office finishing The Last Mrs. Parrish, which has turned into a twisty and intriguing tale.


As I contemplate the week ahead, I like looking at my stack of new hardcover books:  the ones on top.  Every Breath You Take, by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke, is another in the Under Suspicion series.  Every year since the series began, I have picked one of these books for my First Book of the Year.  I am planning to do the same with this one.


The next book on the stack, What Happened, by Hilary Rodham Clinton, is a book I plan to savor.  So I will probably wait a bit before diving into it.


So…now I am curling up here again to finish my fourth book of the week.  I’ve stacked the pillows in such a way to ensure my comfortable reading.  I also love being surrounded by the family pictures.


What do you enjoy on a Saturday morning?  I do hope to get out of the house later, once I’ve finished my book.


8 thoughts on “A COZY SATURDAY….

  1. I love looking at actual books bought too. I know I am going to want to read What Happened at some point, whether that is in book format or audio I have as yet to decide. Saturday morning is so different for me now I am retired not too much different from any other day! However where I used to do housework on a Saturday I now have most of it usually done during the week. Yesterday (Saturday) I went 4 year old birthday gift shopping and then some sewing and reading.

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    • I love that my chores are done before the weekends, too, now that I’m retired. I did mine yesterday. Today I hope to go out and have lunch…or shopping.

      That birthday gift shopping sounds like fun!

      I hope to read these hardcover books by the end of the year…but we’ll see. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and enjoy the weekend.

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  2. Hmmm…this Saturday morning we waited for yet one more appliance! The final one…hopefully…for 2017! The refrigerator! And what an undertaking that was! And I am not even counting the loading and unloading!

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