A Cabin in the Woods


A few years ago, my second son owned a cabin in Big Bear Lake, CA.  It was a great place to visit, and even more memorable when many family members came there together.

My two granddaughters, Aubrey and Fiona, were both born in February in the same year, and in 2004, when they were both seven, I took some photos of them playing in the snow outside the cabin.

A few years later (2009) I started a blog that I called Snow Impressions that featured this photo as a blog header.

After I got to a point where I had too many blogs (twenty at highest count), I merged a few; now that original site is combined with a blog I once called Connections into Snow Connections and Impressions.  Recently, I did another makeover and turned that site into Snow Sparks (with a tagline of Ignite Your Connections).

In honor of that first blog and especially to commemorate those family moments at the cabin, I have created this page.

Another View
The Little Cabin in the Woods

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