When I write this, I consider my blogging journey thus far.  I began with one, and then within a very short period of time ( a few months), I had seventeen.  A few months later, I had twenty.  Then, almost as if I frightened myself with the task of maintaining them all (the part I love is creating them!), I did a few mergers.  So as of this date, I have thirteen ten blogs.

No, as of 8/25/15, I have reduced my blog number to SEVEN.

But this Potpourri Blog was my fourth one.  I created it for the specific purpose of providing a venue for all those crazy thoughts and reflections that I cannot file anywhere else.

Like the title says:  Potpourri.  Now that I’ve merged a few, I’ve added “collections” and “obsessions” to this site.


Sauntering along, choosing my path with reckless abandon—this is a somewhat flawed characteristic of mine, I’ll admit!—despite missteps along the way, this quirk of mine seems to have served me well.

In that I have had many adventures and a lot of fun along the way.  Perhaps there are other roads I might have taken, or should have taken.  Who knows?  But every step I’ve chosen on this journey has led me to this point in time and to the person I’ve become.

Perhaps I could have done things differently, but then where would I have ended up?  And would I have had so many wonderful and colorful memories?  Memories that will serve me well into the twilight years…at least for as long as my memory retrieval system works!!

More later…


Taking another step in the journey sometimes means taking the time to make those annoying, but necessary phone calls.  Awhile back,  I spent more than an hour on the phone with my “communications service provider,” hoping to correct some things and longing to reduce the bill.

Well, guess what!  Mission accomplished.  That is, hopefully.  We’ll see.  When the bill arrives with the promised reductions.

Not to sound paranoid, but “providers” don’t always deliver.

However, I feel somewhat confident in that this particular representative did not “condescend;” she kept me on the phone while she worked on it, but did not put me on hold; even when she had temporary glitches, she explained them and continued working on the problem until resolution was reached.

Then, feeling satisfied, I went to my computer, tried to bring up an Internet connection…Alas!  Several tries later, I restarted the computer and voila!  There was the connection.

I wasn’t looking forward to another hour on the phone with technical support!

Sometimes, that’s the journey, folks.


Occasionally the journey stalls, as we reach a resting place.  We call that “leisure time” in real life.

For some of us, it’s not so easy to carve out leisure time.  Especially for those of us who are technically “retired,” albeit pursuing a freelance path (as writers); and since some of us, me included, are approaching that time in our lives when we realize that we are nearing the “end of the journey,” it can feel as though we need to hurry.  To create more, to finish projects, to interact with everyone we can think of…even vacationing feels like a departure from this path.

I went on a vacation in August of last year, where I planned to “work,” as well as enjoy leisure time.   I tell myself that any leisure time is also an opportunity to recharge the batteries…for more work!

I spent a week in the Napa Valley of California.  I’m a native Californian who had never been to Napa!  Now how did that happen?

Well, most of my adult life has been about work.  When I was in the midst of that career, I only took vacations to spend time with the kids.  Kid vacations included trips to the beach, Disneyland, etc.

Occasionally, I would embark on weekend getaways.

So this trip to Napa was unexplored territory for me and I definitely enjoyed it!

I wrote about it afterwards, too.  A way to combine work with my leisure time!

That’s my journey these days.





Actually, it started late Saturday afternoon.  A sleepover with my six-year-old grandson Noah.

He came armed with his PSP and a yen for nonstop cartoon shows.  Possibly DVDs.

What more could one ask for?  Sometimes, he is actually a charming companion.  He is an only child, so he is quite comfortable amusing himself, even carrying on conversations with himself.  From my office next door to the living room, I can hear him chattering away.  Sometimes I ask him:  “Did you say something, Noah?”  and he replies:  “No, Nana…just talking to myself.”

Now I can identify with that particular tendency.  I spend a lot of alone-time with my head in a book or facing a computer, blogging away or commenting on other people’s blogs.  It feels like communication.  Sometimes, when annoyed by my slow Internet browser, I’ll speak to the computer—rather loudly at times!—and I’ve been known to converse with the TV while watching a show.

This morning, Noah awakened in a funk.  His PSP seemed to be on the blink, he couldn’t decide what he wanted for breakfast, and after studying the contents of my refrigerator which, to me, seemed quite full, he disdainfully announced:  “You have nothing!”

Obviously nothing that appealed to him.  He turned up his nose at the eggs, cereal, waffles, and even the leftover burrito from last night—yeah, he’s right.  Nothing!

So we’ll manage, somehow, to get through the morning until my daughter (his mother) comes to collect him.  He and I have been on this little journey together for most of his life.  When he was a baby, his family lived in my guesthouse until he was four.  And then I babysat him on occasional days in the week while his mom went to school.  And now, three days a week while she works at one of her jobs…just until school starts on the 24th.

So he is used to me and I to him.  We’re fellow-travelers on this journey.  For the most part, it’s comfortable, like well-worn shoes.  When I’m grouchy, he tolerates it, and I do the same for him.

Hopefully we’ll follow parallel paths for many years to come.


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