When I created the new blog header above, I searched through some old photos and found this one I adore …my ubiquitous bench surrounded by Disney characters and books.  Things missing from my current home…except for the bench, of course.


The ubiquitous bench in its current iteration, at the foot of my bed:




I spent many happy years with books and Disney figurines…and I’m glad I took photos of them.  Now I am rebuilding my bookshelves, although I am pretty sure that I will never have as many hardcover books as I once did.  At one time, I had 1400 books, and before I moved, I had around 800…I think.

Here is the “embryonic stage” of my growing shelf:


There is something glorious about starting over from scratch…but I do miss what once was.  My photos will remind me, however, and will inspire me moving forward.


Today is Saturday, and I’ve been enjoying my reading and blogging, alone in my apartment.  Bliss!

What do you like to do on a Saturday?



  1. What a great idea to have photographed your bookshelves before you moved! I will keep that in mind for the future. At this point, I dread parting with my book collection. I do whittle down my piles each year and donate books to my favorite libraries for their sales, but I only weed books that I didn’t care much for, books that I know for sure I won’t read again (note–there are very few of this latter category!)
    And as for my Saturdays–it depends on the season of the year.
    But because I live in an area frequented by tourists 8 months of the year (summer, September, October, and then the snow season (mid-Dec.-March), weekends often find me at home where we live in a beautiful wild setting.
    I am walking Sandy 3.5 miles a day as long as it’s not pouring rain.
    I have designated Friday and Saturday as the two consecutive days each week when I will observe my bird feeding areas and make bird counts for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Winter Bird Feeding Watch.
    November is such a DULL month here. Very, very little sun. So I’m reading Christmas novels, knitting, researching genealogy, and writing a novel.
    Sorry for the long reply!

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    1. Thanks, Judith, sounds like you’ve got some good habits going.

      When I photographed my shelves, I didn’t anticipate such a major downsizing, but the photos really helped.

      Congratulations on the novel!

      Enjoy your weekend.


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