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Fellow travelers on this path (otherwise known as guest bloggers) have something extra to add to our journey.




For our first guest blogger, we have Sheila, of One Persons Journey Through a World of Books.


Sheila’s book blog is like a treasure trove of exciting and intriguing new things.  From her Morning Meanderings, her book reviews, her newsy morsels, to her contests and giveaways…there is always something to delight the mind and soul.

Recently, she did a blog on her site that intrigued me…it’s about something everyone of us will envy, I’m sure; she has a Reading Room!

A place formerly an office, now turned into a “room of her own.”

Here it is:


Posted on August 2, 2009 by Bookjourney | Edit

Anyone who knows me at all knows one of my favorite topics is books.  I think I am hard wired that way because that has pretty much been true all my life (in 2nd grade I won the class Bookworm award).

I read an interesting post at KyusiReader this weekend.  Here is what he has to say,

“I’m a firm believer that the books you have are a reflection of your personality. Never mind that you don’t get to read them, just the fact that you bought them and keep them in your bookshelf say a lot about who you are (or who you want to be).”    ~KyusiReader

Hmmmm…. so like a palm reading…. this would be a book shelf reading?

Well – basically what this has amounted to is fellow book bloggers showing their book shelves and I think that is pretty awesome!  So far I have seen the “not so” shelves at J Kaye’s Book Blog, and the book shelves at For The Love of All That is Written.

So here is my reading space and the books that dwell within.  Come on in everyone!  You all are welcome and you know the coffee is on!


So come on in!  The reading is fine!  First let me explain this great space I have in my home for reading that I fondly call the Reading Room.  Up until late last summer we had our business office in our home.  This is actually the house I grew up in and once Al and I moved here after the passing of my parents, we remodeled what once was two bedrooms (one of them was mine) into the office.

Last summer, Al moved the office out to the business that is also on our property.  As I stood in this large empty space I thought what ever will I do with this room now?  Then it hit me like a ton of books (literally!) – this would be where I could gather the books I had everywhere, all in one space.  This is where I could read.

(I probably said something after that thought like Yippy!!!!)


And here it is…my favorite place to be.  This room calms me.  When I am not running around or working, you can find me here.


This is the other side of the Reading Room


Maybe more to the point, I should say that when I am in this room you will find me here.  Feet up, laptop on my lap, notebook to my left, books to my right.


This fun little file unit I found at Wal-Mart.  The drawers are deep and made of a sturdy cloth.  This is where I keep all the books that come in during the current week.  On Sundays I pull them out and take their picture for my Week in Review post.  They they are filed to the TBR shelves.


This great book gadget was a find in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  I believe it was meant for magazines, of course I use it for my current reading and next in line to be read books.


These are odds and end books…a mix of everything.


Many of the books kept here are from this Summers Library sale.  Most of these are not yet read.


This is my Christian/Christian Fiction reads.  The “keepers.”  Most of these books when I am done reading I donate to our church library.


These are the shelves that hold most of what I have read with a mix of a few yet to be read.  Many of these are just books I love and I may never get to  read them again, but I am happy just to share the house with them and the memories of reading them.


More of the same as above (…)  Some people collect angels or figurines…I collect books.  Lots of big (and small) beautiful books.


…and yet more of the same category.

Close ups (below)8


Close-up1CloseupIICloseup 3CloseupIVCloseupVIVIII

Probably more than you ever needed (or wanted) to know about my passion for books yet you get me going and I have trouble hitting the breaks on this topic.

If anyone else out there chooses to feature their shelves and reading space(s), please leave a link to your post below so others can stop and see the shelves that hold your reading treasures!   Take time to check out the original post at KyusiReader as well as any of the other links here to great book shelves and spaces!


6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Sheila

  1. mphtheatregirl

    As of now, my reading room is also my bedroom. I sort bookshelves in a similar way a bookstore does. First by genre and 2nd by author. Sitting on that bookshelf are my snowglobes- along with some small statues and trinket type things.

    Whenever I read, that book usually stays off the shelf. I have recently started a new series: Shades of Magic. In addition, I am writing books

    Liked by 1 person

      1. mphtheatregirl

        Here are examples of books I love:

        1. Les Misérables
        2. Hunchback of Notre Dame
        3. A Christmas Carol
        4. Oliver Twist
        5. Nicholas Nickleby
        6. Don Quixote
        7. Illiad/Odyssey
        8. Lord of the Rings
        9. Harry Potter
        10. Spinning Silver
        11. Uprooted
        12. Shades of Magic series (which I am currently reading)

        This list does continue, but listing all my favorites will take a while

        Liked by 1 person

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