Welcome to Friday! As I ponder the weekend, I am also keeping busy creating new potential blog headers for my sites, an obsession born of the PicMonkey changes that had me frantically trying to make use of the existing processes. As it turned out, my interactions with the support team revealed a way to continue using the old layouts. Happy now!

So I now have a store of new ones ready to go.

Meanwhile, as the year ends, I am loving the books still on my shelves that are clamoring to be read. And anticipating the rollout of my First Book of the Year. I have already sent my photo to Sheila.

I have read two books so far this week, and hope to finish the third one today.

Meanwhile, I am reading an interesting nonfiction book that I might just have to add to the Nonfiction Reading Challenge before the year is done. Dirt, by Mary Marantz.

I am also gradually growing my bookshelf, and my latest photo reveals that I might soon have to find a new place to store my books as I read them!


What does your weekend look like?  Is your Friday turning out to be a good one?



As I sit at my desk on a Friday morning, I am savoring my coffee made from freshly ground beans…and feeling gratitude.

I didn’t sleep well last night, so the morning coffee was especially appreciated.

While enjoying my coffee, I placed my Instacart order, which I do weekly nowadays, usually on Friday or Saturday.    I like how I can watch the progress of their shopping on my phone.   Right now, they have found everything but two items, but I am pretty sure those will end up in my shopping cart as well.

Yesterday, I rearranged a few things in my entry way.  No big deal.  I love the little “When All Else Fails, Ask Nana” tidbit, which has been hanging in various places over the years.  In this vignette, you can see photos of some grandchildren in the bottom left, which seems to spotlight some of them.  And the Mary Engelbreit “chocolate” hanging is another favorite.  The little  “Squishy House,” dubbed so by my eldest son, is on the right hand side.

Here are a few more views of the slightly rearranged entry way.

What else am I doing today?  Well, I’m loving my read of The Lost for Words Bookshop, by Stephanie Butland.

“In The Lost for Words Bookshop, Stephanie Butland has created a bibliophile’s delight. Witty and irreverent, funny and sad, this is a charming tribute to stories on the page and in our lives–and the powers they can hold over us.”—Matthew Sullivan author of Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore


I should be wrapping this book up by the end of the day.  Meanwhile, I may have to grind some more coffee beans for another pot of coffee!

What does your day look like?



Today is Friday, and I am struggling with the Block Editor. Somehow, I had expected to find the Classic Editor through my back door methods…forever!

Not so, however. I am experimenting today. Meanwhile, I have set aside a book I was reading…and picked up another. Life is too short to spend time on books that aren’t capturing us.

I set aside Anxious People and picked up To Tell You the Truth, by Gilly Macmillan.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for my Instacart order. I do love that app!

How is your Friday unfolding? Interesting news items today!




Happy Friday!  Yesterday I decided to have an adventure…the kind of activity that I am enjoying more and more.

I grabbed Lyft and headed to the nail salon in my old neighborhood, where I relaxed into the mani you see above.

Then I took another Lyft to California Pizza Kitchen and enjoyed soup and a margarita, while reading my Kindle version of The Playground.

These were activities I took for granted in my “old life,” before I got sick, needed surgery, and settled into my studio apartment in a residential facility.  Luckily, I am considered “independent” and have a lot of freedoms.  I will not take them for granted, though.

My ordinary daily activities, fortunately, include reading, watching movies, and blogging.  I have my laptop, of course.  I send off to Amazon for things that I would usually buy while running errands in my car.  My car, of course, is no longer with me.  Discovering Lyft has been another delightful experience.

My Amazon packages appear regularly, and include clothing, household things, and BOOKS.  Yesterday, I received this poncho…

And a book by the author of the one I’m reading (above):Daughter, by Jane Shemilt.


Tomorrow will bring another outing.  My granddaughter Fiona and I have arranged to enjoy breakfast, with mimosas.  Can anything be better than the week I have had?  What makes your week special?



Oh, no!  I had a handle on my NetGalley ARCs…and then some unexpected downloads and requests arrived, all in a closely staggered bunch.  I have TWELVE now!  And SIX of them will be released in August.  I guess I should start reading those books right away, and then avoid posting the reviews for a bit.

First, though, I’ll be reading Sunset Beach, a May 7 release by Mary Kay Andrews.  Then will come three June releases.



Today I’m reading Stillhouse Lake, a free Prime book that’s been resting on my Kindle for a while. (For two years!).

I’m loving it, so I wonder why it took so long.  Ah, yes, I tend to save the freebies until I’ve read most of the ones I purchased.  Hmm.


How is it Friday already?  What are you reading or thinking about today?




At night, I curl up in bed to read or watch TV,  and love this “night stand.”  It is one of my dual-purpose (or multi-purpose) pieces.  In the beginning, I enjoyed it in an upstairs bedroom at my former home, holding a small TV.  Sadly, I have no photos of its former life.

Before I had my iPhone (Phoebe), I didn’t photograph everything that surrounded me.  This compulsion to snap photos had its origins with my social media presence.  Visiting on Facebook and other people’s blogs brought out this fascination for me.

As October approaches, I am thinking of birthdays.  On October 5, my #2 son will be celebrating his birthday.  The anticipation takes me back to old photos…way back in the day.  Like this one on his fifth birthday.

As I look at this photo, I also remember my own younger years.  Here I am at seven…also an “October baby.”  See a resemblance?  LOL


Many years ago, Brett was the second child of three…and here we are, “living the dream” in Coalinga, CA, a time that I recall as very depressing.  LOL.  Brett, on the left, does not look very happy in this photo.  He was three.

We did manage to escape that little town now and then…and (below), we had an all-day adventure at the park, 70 miles away.  None of the kids look all that happy.  Perhaps the escape was not thrilling enough.

Here they are in a new home in the city, with a fourth child, my daughter Heather; they look happier here, except for my youngest son on the left.  Maybe he was still disgruntled about losing his position as the “youngest child.”  We all have to give up things along the way.  I recall enjoying this apartment, with all the wicker stuff I collected back then.  (It was the 80s!).  But I no longer had the house I really enjoyed for a while.  Sigh.


Later in the 80s, we moved into a townhouse that I loved.  Here is Brett, still not looking that happy.  Perhaps he just didn’t like posing for photos.  That hanging on the wall served time as a throw rug in our next home.

If you look closely, on the right, you can see the corner of that “former wall hanging.”



Over the years, we have repurposed many things, not the least of which were the furnishings of our various homes.  The “kids” have gone through their own changes with time.  I love looking back at the moments we have shared along the way.

When the world around us is going through so many chaotic moments, it is comforting to look back at family moments.

How is your week going?  Are you managing to deal with what life is throwing at us?



Hello, Friday!  As I look back at my week, I am stunned that I’ve only read two books so far!  But they were awesome books:  The Dream Daughter, by Diane Chamberlain; and Cross Her Heart, by Sarah Pinborough. (Click titles for my reviews).

In the photo above, I am relaxing on my office couch, and showing off my pedicure, which I didn’t display earlier…who shows their toes?  LOL.

Last night, I returned to reading The Golden State, by Lydia Kiesling, and while I still have issues with the writing style, the story has finally captured me.  Issues of immigration, secessionist groups, and how early motherhood changes a person.  Just watching our MC Daphne get through her days while she waits for her husband to finally get his green card again…a story that felt so timely.  How it was erroneously taken from him has a typical bureaucratic explanation, and since no efforts have been made to correct the wrong.  I sense some protesters forming on some government steps.

I do love a story that arouses my sense of injustice.  So I will keep reading.


Speaking of injustice:  I went to grab my first cup of coffee this morning, and the pot had barely trickled any of my favorite morning liquid into the pot!  What happened?  I looked to see what could be wrong.  Had I not added enough water?  I added some more, and eventually it brought down half of a pot.

Time to get another!  I can’t believe how many coffee pots I’ve gone through over the years, but especially in the last two years.  Perhaps I need to go to one of the high end models.  Sigh.


My granddaughter is coming on Sunday to tackle some dusting and vaccuming.  Yes, I can handle it, but I like the idea of kicking back while she works:  (No, that’s not her, but an image of a 1950s housewife always makes me smile).


So…those are my Friday Rumblings…what is your day like so far?



It is Friday, and time to share some moments from the past week.  Above, the finished kitchen after my granddaughter Fiona spent time on Wednesday scrubbing it.  The fridge, the stove, and the floor!  I have one of those porous floors from the 1980s…and the task is tedious…and one I love foisting on someone else.  Thanks, Fi!


She loves spending “down time” with her little family.


In the Bay Area, my great-niece Margaret has found her wheels, now that she is three.

Other discoveries:

Speaking of special moments:  today is my youngest son’s birthday:  (Below), he was 6 months old in this photo.  He is a few decades older now.  He is Fiona’s dad.


After enjoying these special photo moments, I spent some time doing some scrubbing of my own in the bathrooms.  Even though it is morning…and cooler, I am sweating big time!  Exercise bike…and my shower next!  Enjoy your weekend.




It was Heather’s birthday this week, and, as always, we started celebrating early.  (Above), I showcased this photo of me and Heather, back in the day.  The frame was compliments of Facebook.

On Friday, she and I had this lunch after she styled my hair.

On Sunday, we had brunch at Heather and David’s new house.  She and one of my “other daughters,” Jessica, enjoyed mimosas, etc.

Here is another view of her home:  the kitchen is our favorite place.

Later on, she joined some friends at their very own “Cheers” type bar:

When I think of my daughter, I remember all the times with her while she was growing up, and this collage is one I made of family and friends:  left, Heather and a little friend in our apartment, back when she was four; middle, another apartment, when she was two; and on the right, same as apartment on the left with all four kids.

In the shot on the left, I love that table behind the sofa.  We bought it in the 1970s, and it was called an “ice cream table.”  It was a great place to play games, when you pulled up in those wicker chairs.  I still have that table!

Here is the “ice cream table” (below) in its current “incarnation.”

Here I am (below), just before we moved to the apartment you see two photos above; I had a fondness for rust colors back then (with a touch of burgundy):


So…remembering the past and celebrating the present.  What are you spotlighting today?



It is almost August, and time to celebrate my one and only daughter’s upcoming birthday.  Above, you can see different versions of her.  Center:  Baby Heather on Mommy’s lap in 1977.  Right:  There she is in her hippie phase in the 1990s.

I am also celebrating my only two granddaughters, Fiona and Aubrey, on the left.  Their birthdays were in February, and that is when they came of age at 21.  We will share more about them in a few months.

More photos….Heather and a favorite doll in 1978…

Heather…in her room…on her Garfield phone:  Circa 1988….Before cell phones, land lines had taken on a designer aspect.


A few years later:  1990s in Friant…in the Yosemite Room…

Another version of Heather, with her son Noah…forward several more years…

He just keeps growing and changing, and she has added on a few years, too…Here they are on a special visit with Heather’s grandmother…and Noah’s Great Grand.


Heather and her dad at a memorable moment…

Leap ahead a few more years:  An even more grown-up Heather with soon-to-be husband David…

And here are the bride and groom at their wedding reception:



The passage of time reveals changes, obstacles, and the blessings that come with those years.  Let’s wish another wonderful year for Birthday Girl Heather…