It was Heather’s birthday this week, and, as always, we started celebrating early.  (Above), I showcased this photo of me and Heather, back in the day.  The frame was compliments of Facebook.

On Friday, she and I had this lunch after she styled my hair.

On Sunday, we had brunch at Heather and David’s new house.  She and one of my “other daughters,” Jessica, enjoyed mimosas, etc.

Here is another view of her home:  the kitchen is our favorite place.

Later on, she joined some friends at their very own “Cheers” type bar:

When I think of my daughter, I remember all the times with her while she was growing up, and this collage is one I made of family and friends:  left, Heather and a little friend in our apartment, back when she was four; middle, another apartment, when she was two; and on the right, same as apartment on the left with all four kids.

In the shot on the left, I love that table behind the sofa.  We bought it in the 1970s, and it was called an “ice cream table.”  It was a great place to play games, when you pulled up in those wicker chairs.  I still have that table!

Here is the “ice cream table” (below) in its current “incarnation.”

Here I am (below), just before we moved to the apartment you see two photos above; I had a fondness for rust colors back then (with a touch of burgundy):


So…remembering the past and celebrating the present.  What are you spotlighting today?



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