It is almost August, and time to celebrate my one and only daughter’s upcoming birthday.  Above, you can see different versions of her.  Center:  Baby Heather on Mommy’s lap in 1977.  Right:  There she is in her hippie phase in the 1990s.

I am also celebrating my only two granddaughters, Fiona and Aubrey, on the left.  Their birthdays were in February, and that is when they came of age at 21.  We will share more about them in a few months.

More photos….Heather and a favorite doll in 1978…

Heather…in her room…on her Garfield phone:  Circa 1988….Before cell phones, land lines had taken on a designer aspect.


A few years later:  1990s in Friant…in the Yosemite Room…

Another version of Heather, with her son Noah…forward several more years…

He just keeps growing and changing, and she has added on a few years, too…Here they are on a special visit with Heather’s grandmother…and Noah’s Great Grand.


Heather and her dad at a memorable moment…

Leap ahead a few more years:  An even more grown-up Heather with soon-to-be husband David…

And here are the bride and groom at their wedding reception:



The passage of time reveals changes, obstacles, and the blessings that come with those years.  Let’s wish another wonderful year for Birthday Girl Heather…



    • Thanks, Patty…every time I write about “my girls,” I cherish them…and realize that even though I have a shortage of girls in my little family (Three sons, five grandsons), they are unique and special.


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