Oh, no!  I had a handle on my NetGalley ARCs…and then some unexpected downloads and requests arrived, all in a closely staggered bunch.  I have TWELVE now!  And SIX of them will be released in August.  I guess I should start reading those books right away, and then avoid posting the reviews for a bit.

First, though, I’ll be reading Sunset Beach, a May 7 release by Mary Kay Andrews.  Then will come three June releases.



Today I’m reading Stillhouse Lake, a free Prime book that’s been resting on my Kindle for a while. (For two years!).

I’m loving it, so I wonder why it took so long.  Ah, yes, I tend to save the freebies until I’ve read most of the ones I purchased.  Hmm.


How is it Friday already?  What are you reading or thinking about today?




  1. Laurel,
    I agree–how can it be Friday evening again, so quickly??
    And to have those ARCs descend upon you all at once–kerplunk! That can be lots of fun! You’ll get a heads up on the rest of us.
    Do you have any movies lined up for the weekend?
    I just finished Michael Cane’s new memoir, Blowing the Bloody Doors Off. He also wrote a previous autobiography. Anyway, I’m dying to see some old and new movies with Michael Caine starring or supporting. Would love to see Sleuth again.

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      1. Thanks, Judith, I do love getting those ARCs, even though it is a bit overwhelming when so many drop all at once. LOL.

        I need to search through my Amazon Prime Movie queue. Thanks for the reminder.


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