Good morning!  My Saturday morning has started in my usual place…in the office, but with my breakfast tray on the trunk, facing the new little TV…I’m also watching an Aurora Teagarten Mystery Marathon while I eat and blog.

Yes, I am on the laptop, too…but when I’m there, I keep an eye on the shows, all of which I’ve already seen, of course.  If there was room on that trunk, I would set the laptop up there, too…but, no, it’s only steps away….here:



I’m a bit behind on wrapping up my week, as I still want to finish this book first.  I’m almost there:

The Beach Inn, by Joanne DeMaio, a review book.


All the usual characters are enjoying fall in Stony Point, Connecticut, and everyone is trying to help Elsa, who is grieving the loss of her son Sal, encouraging her to keep going with the plans they had made.  Lovely plans to turn her cottage and adjacent hang-out…into an inn.  Previous books have brought stories about that unique hang-out, which has much sentimental value.

When I read one of these books, I feel as though I’m there with them.  They are so familiar to me, I don’t even need to take notes.  Although there are occasional “new” characters, the primary cast is in place, and we rejoin them in their usual struggles…and conflicts.


So…I definitely want to finish this one before posting my updates for the week.  Of course, with the TV on, I could be tempted to just curl up and watch…and only occasionally read.  Hmm, pushing ahead here!


Meanwhile, Heather and David are probably winging their way toward home.  In the past few days, they’ve been in Amsterdam, enjoying the beautiful art, the museums, etc.



Quirky!  Perfect for this blog….



This piece of art, with Heather and David looking grim, could represent a version of American Gothic….



So….what does your weekend look like?  Happy Father’s Day to the fathers out there….and let’s all celebrate another June weekend, since Fourth of July is coming next!




  1. What a relaxing time you’re having. We are indoors b/c today is supposed to be 80’s. I am relaxing b/c I ran around during the week every day. I’m soaking two yarn swatches for a future sock project and a future baby hat. There’s jook on the stove for the girls. I’m catching up on blogs before I start knitting to an audiobook.

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  2. We are inside today, too…its hot and humid here…Den is making breakfast…I am ending blog reading with yours…the papers await us…we only read them on Sunday and then maybe a movie and a lazy day!

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