Good morning!  My Saturday morning has started in my usual place…in the office, but with my breakfast tray on the trunk, facing the new little TV…I’m also watching an Aurora Teagarten Mystery Marathon while I eat and blog.

Yes, I am on the laptop, too…but when I’m there, I keep an eye on the shows, all of which I’ve already seen, of course.  If there was room on that trunk, I would set the laptop up there, too…but, no, it’s only steps away….here:



I’m a bit behind on wrapping up my week, as I still want to finish this book first.  I’m almost there:

The Beach Inn, by Joanne DeMaio, a review book.


All the usual characters are enjoying fall in Stony Point, Connecticut, and everyone is trying to help Elsa, who is grieving the loss of her son Sal, encouraging her to keep going with the plans they had made.  Lovely plans to turn her cottage and adjacent hang-out…into an inn.  Previous books have brought stories about that unique hang-out, which has much sentimental value.

When I read one of these books, I feel as though I’m there with them.  They are so familiar to me, I don’t even need to take notes.  Although there are occasional “new” characters, the primary cast is in place, and we rejoin them in their usual struggles…and conflicts.


So…I definitely want to finish this one before posting my updates for the week.  Of course, with the TV on, I could be tempted to just curl up and watch…and only occasionally read.  Hmm, pushing ahead here!


Meanwhile, Heather and David are probably winging their way toward home.  In the past few days, they’ve been in Amsterdam, enjoying the beautiful art, the museums, etc.



Quirky!  Perfect for this blog….



This piece of art, with Heather and David looking grim, could represent a version of American Gothic….



So….what does your weekend look like?  Happy Father’s Day to the fathers out there….and let’s all celebrate another June weekend, since Fourth of July is coming next!






Good morning, and welcome to another Sunday Potpourri post.  To see what my week looked like, visit my Weekly Updates post at Rainy Days and Mondays.

In that post, I mentioned my latest bookshelf clearing project, and in another post, I talked about my “head count” of the physical books remaining (from 1435 to 630), in Bookish Friday.

So, considering all of that, you might think that I would curb my impulses…and not buy anything, at least for a while.  And not any actual physical books.  Kindle book buying is fair game, as “out of sight, out of mind.”

But then I saw a title on someone’s blog….Sleeping with the Enemy.  And my mind flitted to the past and a book by that name, as well as the Julia Roberts movie.

The blogger was referring to a different book by that title, but I had to do a search.  And found it, published in 1987.  I used to have it, I’m sure, but it was probably a mass market paperback, as I purged most of those when I downsized eight years ago.

Naturally I had to order it…in hardcover.  The price was right.  Sleeping with the Enemy, by Nancy Price.  Loved it back then!  Hope to love it again.





Do you ever buy books from your past, books that you actually eliminated from your stacks at some point?  I did that a couple of years ago with another one of my old favorites:  Domestic Pleasures, by Beth Gutcheon.  And Still Missing, by that author.






When I did my latest purge, I made sure to keep these, adding them to one of my shelves in my office.

What does it mean when I want to revisit the past, via books read and loved long ago?  I suspect that I am recalling a time when my reading was a slow savor….while now, I seem to be speeding through the books, reviewing them, and then moving on.

I have a small stack I’m accumulating of favorite reads from long ago.

Do you ever reread?  Or long to reread some books you loved?




Welcome to Sunday Potpourri, where I dish about the past week and lovely books on my stacks.  Check out my Sunday Salon Post for more updates.

I have a lovely stack of new books waiting to be read….more about those books on my Mailbox Monday event, which will be “live” in just a few hours.

Meanwhile, I’m having coffee and watching old movies, like Someone To Watch Over Me and Mr. Mom.













Later, I hope to find something new at On Demand….

Meanwhile, I’m loving this book I got from the library on Friday:  What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarty.



After reading The Husband’s Secret, I couldn’t wait to find another book by this author.


Now….what are you reading or doing today?