Another day of playing around online, while occasionally reading and texting with family members.

My granddaughter sent these photos in a text:

The first is an ironic comfy shoe that looks a little scary…

And the second is Fiona at work, exhausted from the job itself…and having to confront people refusing to wear a mask!

So whenever I think being “out in the world” would be a good idea, I think again.  And try to deal with my hair in a new way…like changing the part, below.


I am enjoying watching The Good Wife again.  It has been ages since I first saw it on the networks…so seeing it from the beginning on Prime feels like I’m seeing it for the first time!


I’m reading Girls of Summer, by Nancy Thayer, and now I must get back to it.  Loving it.


How are you spending the three-day-weekend…if you have one.



Good morning!  Welcome to the first day of the new week, Sunday!  I don’t usually think of Sunday as the first day, since our lives have been centered on work weeks, with Mondays as the beginning.

Sundays also signal the end of a week with our Sunday Updates.

Life continues in isolation…since March 11, I have seen nobody who doesn’t live or work here, and those who reside here are seen seldom these days.  We did have alternating days in the dining room, socially distanced, and then there were some positive test results from staff.  So back to our apartments we went!

Luckily, I had already rearranged my apartment to my liking during the first “shelter in place” order…and since then, I have spruced things up with the help of Amazon. Note my photo above:  the latest acquisition was that pottery bowl, which serves as a mail receptacle.

Now why do I need one of those?  Well, the staff members deliver our mail and packages, and would you believe that they often dropped stuff on the kitchen counter, which is sometimes damp from all those cleanings?  I got tired of yelling “not there!”  So I sent off for the bowl.

In my previous residence, below, I had one for mail, lists, even keys.

And here is a close-up…


Searching through old photos is a favorite activity these days.  It took a while to find this one above…which is a clue that I need to reorganize things a bit.  LOL.

The photo was also a reminder of some favorite things that I am missing…like those Engelbreit cookie jars on the right and that Baker’s Rack on the left.

Missing things from the past can be a downer…which is why I am working hard to recreate a cozy space that is full of New Favorites.

Here is a New Favorite Thing.  Several handbags “live” there in the entry way, with the new and favorite one out front.  The red hat is from my old place.

Then there is my newly “grown” bookshelf…


Weekends are my favorite time to hunker down in the cozy space and watch movies and shows.  During the week, I am happy to now be watching new episodes of the soaps, since we only had reruns for a while.  This one was the first to come back:  Bold and the Beautiful.


What do you enjoy on the weekends?  Do you have favorite things around you?



As I greet each new day, I look around and take in the little treasures that surround me. The books and decorations that make me feel at home.

As for my persona, my hair style has gone off on its own, so I am trying to find new (or old) ways to deal with it.  The photo below was taken many, many years ago, when I was a twenty-something.  Nowadays, below right, I am way beyond that age.  LOL.

In the photo, below left, note that I once had bangs pulled to the side.   I am sort of doing the same now, below right. 














My breakfast tray just arrived, so I will nibble at a few things.  The food is lukewarm this morning…sigh.  The cranberry juice is nice and cold, though.

After I eat, I will curl up with my review ARC Until I Find You, by Rea Frey.


What will your Sunday bring?  Enjoy!



It is another Sunday hanging out with books, movies, and doing some rearranging of things.

Today I hung up my new cute handbag (above), and in the cupboard you can catch a glimpse of my favorite denim jacket.  In the front of that section is a sleeveless black sweater to wear with some of my long-sleeved outfits.  Of course it is too warm for it now.  But I like having it.

Here is a snap of the product page for my sweater.



After constantly checking my little DVD case to remind me of which movies I own in that format, I decided to create a page over at Curl up and Read, where I have them all listed.  Easier!


What does your Sunday look like?



The photo above spotlights a very old book written by Johanna Spyri (on the left), Cornelli, that belonged to my mother. (The author also wrote Heidi, which I do not own). She received it in 1924 from her aunt.  She then gave it to me when I was very young, and I read it over and over. I even repaired the binding when I was a young adult and working in a library. 

It rested in my Baker’s Rack above, next to Engelbreit objects and books that I had written.  After I moved to my studio apartment, I brought it with me here, where it reposes in my little wooden cupboard, next to another collectible book, Elsie Dinsmore, (left) also available on Kindle.

Today I discovered both of my collectible books on Amazon in a Kindle format, so I am reading them again…on my Kindle.

I  am enjoying the re-reads already. 



Seven months ago, my life changed dramatically, and now I am finding lots of uses for my favorite furnishings.  Above, you can see the little green cupboard that was in my dining room in my triplex, stuffed with books and trinkets.

Now that same cupboard (below), is in my bathroom filled with towels and bedding.

Then there were other cupboards I loved; see the Jelly Cupboard on the right side and far right of these photos:

I brought that cupboard to my new space (below), and it serves as a place to contain trinkets and books…and clothes.  These cupboards have been favorites of mine…even the ones left behind.  Sigh.



My life is full of little trinkets, quirky things, and special tidbits.  Even when I have to change everything about my surroundings, I find a way to fit my favorite things into my new space.

What do you do to make your world cozy when everything changes?



Welcome to my Sunday!  I do love relaxing in my apartment with coffee, oatmeal, and English muffins.  Reading is another great addition to my day, and I just finished the brilliant sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood.

Yesterday was another good day, as I watched Blonde, on Amazon Prime, the movie based on the book by Joyce Carol Oates.


Poppy Montgomery did a brilliant job in the role as Marilyn Monroe.


Today will bring more Amazon deliveries, including another Madeline Hatter doll to replace the one I didn’t bring from my other place.  Remember that I wasn’t in charge of the move! 




My previous doll was featured in a lot of vignettes, including logos like this one:


I’m ready to start a book that will be “lighter” than my previous read of the dystopian world of Gilead…The Grammarians, by Cathleen Schine.


I have a list of Prime movies to watch today, too.  Enjoy your day, whatever it might bring.




Welcome to another Sunday, my day to “veg out” in my apartment, with coffee, movies, and books.  Above, check out my current read, Old Baggage, by Lissa Evans, and coffee in one of my colorful mugs.

Last night—and all previous nights this week—I binge-watched the Mary Tyler Moore show.  I’m on Season 4, and have added all the seasons to my Amazon Prime Watch List.

Between my reading, binge-watching, etc., I’ve been ordering a lot of things from Amazon.  Mostly ordinary things I used to buy in the supermarket or drug store.  And then there were a couple of tops that I’m eager to add to my wardrobe.

My surgery update:  My doctor will be setting up a consult for us with the Bay Area physicians who specialize in “challenging surgeries,” which has turned out to be the case with my gall bladder.  But I’m hoping that my improved eating habits, exercise, and even weight loss will decrease the problems just enough that we can proceed.

In another part of the world, my granddaughter Aubrey continues with her adventures in New Zealand. 

As I searched my photo files, I stumbled upon this one of me and my granddaughter Fiona…before the Big Awful (in May):  the health scare that led me to move from my previous residence, which I still miss…to my current surroundings. 

But all is not lost…I still have some of my favorite things, and I am actually looking healthier these days (below).

I’ve changed up my little Jelly Cupboard to showcase some of my favorites…and copies of each of my creations are on the second shelf down.

My entry way has gone through a lot of adjustments…here is my latest version of that space.


Now I’m off to read and binge-watch, etc.  What does your day look like?



Welcome to my relaxing Sunday.  It has been a day of reading, binge-watching, and accepting packages from Amazon.  First came the hardbound version of Nanaville, by Anna Quindlen.

“Witty and thoughtful . . . Nanaville serves up enough vivid anecdotes and fresh insights—about childhood, about parenthood, about grandparenthood and about life—to make for a gratifying read.”—The New York Times

“Classic, bittersweet Quindlen . . . [Her] wonder at seeing her eldest child grow into his new role is lovely and moving. . . . The best parts of Nanaville are the charming vignettes of Quindlen’s solo time with her grandson.”—NPR


Next came a set of colorful dishes that add a splash of color to my cabinets, and blend in with the few pieces I already have.  The vintage tumblers came a few days ago.


Do I need these dishes?  Will I be entertaining?  Well, maybe a little, now and then, but I also love looking at them and serving my own occasional meals on them.  So there!  LOL.

I do eat meals in the community dining room, but always have lunch in my apartment, when friends come over or when I just want to relax and watch TV.  All day Sunday is my day to hang out here and eat on colorful dishes.


Earlier today I found some photos of my granddaughter Aubrey’s first month in New Zealand.  Here are a few…


How are you spending your Sunday?



Happy Easter!  I woke up early this morning (5:30!), but stayed in bed an hour longer.  It felt like a luxury to do so, but every day can be like that in retirement.

Unless I have appointments.

Today I’m heading over to my daughter’s house for a barbecue, and my youngest son is accompanying me.  He and my DIL are visiting from Far North this week.  She will be spending the day with her other daughters.

Look what Heather did to her arm.  She has a lot of tattoos, but I especially love this Irish blessing.

I’ve been searching through my various photo folders, and despite trying hard to organize them, sometimes I can’t find a specific shot that I want to use.  Sigh.

On Bitmoji, I like finding cute images, like this one:


How are you spending your weekend?  Books, family, adventures?