Good morning!  My Saturday morning has started in my usual place…in the office, but with my breakfast tray on the trunk, facing the new little TV…I’m also watching an Aurora Teagarten Mystery Marathon while I eat and blog.

Yes, I am on the laptop, too…but when I’m there, I keep an eye on the shows, all of which I’ve already seen, of course.  If there was room on that trunk, I would set the laptop up there, too…but, no, it’s only steps away….here:



I’m a bit behind on wrapping up my week, as I still want to finish this book first.  I’m almost there:

The Beach Inn, by Joanne DeMaio, a review book.


All the usual characters are enjoying fall in Stony Point, Connecticut, and everyone is trying to help Elsa, who is grieving the loss of her son Sal, encouraging her to keep going with the plans they had made.  Lovely plans to turn her cottage and adjacent hang-out…into an inn.  Previous books have brought stories about that unique hang-out, which has much sentimental value.

When I read one of these books, I feel as though I’m there with them.  They are so familiar to me, I don’t even need to take notes.  Although there are occasional “new” characters, the primary cast is in place, and we rejoin them in their usual struggles…and conflicts.


So…I definitely want to finish this one before posting my updates for the week.  Of course, with the TV on, I could be tempted to just curl up and watch…and only occasionally read.  Hmm, pushing ahead here!


Meanwhile, Heather and David are probably winging their way toward home.  In the past few days, they’ve been in Amsterdam, enjoying the beautiful art, the museums, etc.



Quirky!  Perfect for this blog….



This piece of art, with Heather and David looking grim, could represent a version of American Gothic….



So….what does your weekend look like?  Happy Father’s Day to the fathers out there….and let’s all celebrate another June weekend, since Fourth of July is coming next!






It’s too late in the day to call this one a Sunday Potpourri post, but after bingeing on Gilmore Girls all day, I felt the need to write a post.  I carried my camera around and snapped some boudoir changes. 

The chair (above) was once in the entry way/dining area, but now fits into a spot here.  I love the Ireland photos on the walls in this photo:  the angel, on the far right near the bed, is from a cemetery in Ireland.  On the left are some boys in Dublin, and the one in the center, scarcely visible, is an old man next to a statue.  Also in Dublin.

Lots of red hat stuff, too; a framed text in between the Ireland photos is the Red Hat Society mantra, entitled “When I Am Old”:

It begins: 

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat that doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me,
And I shall spend my pension
on brandy and summer gloves
And satin sandals,
and say we’ve no money for butter.

I have always loved this poem, ever since the time when I could even conceptualize getting older…and typed it in red text to frame next to some of the Red Hat stuff.

Now I don’t belong to the society…I consider myself too “young,” LOL. 

Here is another view of the bedroom (more Red Hat stuff on the bookshelf on the right, and above the TV, a photo of two old men in an Irish pub).




And here are more Irish photos and figurines on my desk in the bedroom – (the Coca Cola lamp is a remnant from the dining area, where most of these things live):





And finally, another view of the entry way:





And now that I have finished my Netflix for the day, I’ll be back to reading The Last Letter from Your Lover, by Jojo Moyes:





And then I will be watching The Good Wife…love that show!


Are you enjoying your Sunday?  What have you been reading/watching/or doing?



PicMonkey Collage-cozy weekend moments

Today has been a very cozy day…and so was yesterday.  So we can appropriately dub these days as Cozy Weekend Moments.

Both days have seen me before this set-up (below) binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.





I am now on Season III.  Unlike some people, I have never watched all the episodes in all the seasons.  Until now, there were random episodes (first on SoapNet, which is no more), and then on ABC Family.  Again, currently running, but not all the episodes are shown.





Have I mentioned how much I am loving this show?  Definitely addicted.

But now I am done for the weekend…and off to continue reading Dear Daughter, by Elizabeth Little, an interesting story of a woman named Jane who was just released from prison after spending ten years inside.  Because she was released on a technicality, many believe she is guilty…still.  Her goal is to find out who really murdered her mother…if there is another possible someone.  Jane is not sure about anything at this point.






And then I am looking forward to some more favorites on tonight’s TV line-up, including The Good Wife.  Another show I am addicted to.  Yes, I have serious issues…LOL.


What has your weekend been like?  Do you have special books, movies, or TV shows you are eagerly awaiting?




boudoir in late august

Welcome to Weekend Potpourri, a post that is all about the odds and ends, tidbits, and even the obsessions that are central to the upcoming weekend.

To launch the weekend, I had to pick up some mail, which included two new review books I’m excited about.

The Thunderbird Conspiracy, by R. K. Price, is a story that takes a peek behind what we think we know about the assassination of JFK…and speculating about other possibilities.


The Thunderbird Conspiracy is the remarkable tale of Robert Kaye, a Hungarian freedom fighter who claimed he knew and collaborated with JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. R. K. Price’s second novel is also a tale of a Nebraska farm boy who was a great admirer of President Kennedy and a true patriot who desperately wanted to believe his government’s hurried conclusion that Oswald had no accomplice….

I’ll be reviewing this book at my blog tour stop on 10/25/13 (incidentally, my birthday!):  at Rainy Days and Mondays blog.

Next, I have an exciting and intriguing book called Woman on Top, by Deborah Schwartz. (Blog Tour Stop:  11/14/13)


Introducing: Woman on Top, a sexy, romantic self-empowerment novel tucked between two covers.


I’m also excited about catching up with new fall shows…on my DVR and those airing over the weekend.  I love the fall for so many reasons, but one of the best reasons (for me) is the return of old favorite shows, as well as the release of new ones.

Has anyone watched The Blacklist?  Or Hostages?  How about The Crazy Ones, a funny one starring Robin Williams?

I am also happy to see the characters again in Parenthood and Grey’s Anatomy. 

Another task:  trying to organize my TBR stacks.  One of my challenges for 2013 was to read 24 books from those stacks, books received before 2013.  So far, I’ve only read 18!  So I found six more to read in the upcoming weeks, and I’m devouring one of them now, a book I bought for Sparky in 2012.

Sink or Swim by Stacy Juba, is a mystery that has a reality TV show, a stalker, and a little romance.


It’s hard enough being famous and not rich. When a stalker enters the picture, reality TV has never seemed so real. Ambitious personal trainer Cassidy Novak has gained fame for starring on Sink or Swim, a hit reality show. Not only does she lose and have to walk the plank, but after the game show ends, the terror begins.


What does your weekend hold for you?  Reading, movies, outings?  Come on by and share…..I’ll be curled up on this sofa….or on the bed shown at the top of the post….





It’s Hump Day, and I’m already really enjoying the week.  Not eager for it to end yet.

Monday brought my wonderful Fiona, home from Texas and ready to enjoy the summer.  We hung out a bit before I took her to her cousin’s house.    This is a photo from awhile ago, but I am already looking ahead to moments like these.

fiona's music

My patio door is open, letting in a cool breeze.  I enjoy the mornings here, before the heat rolls in and when everything is fresh and new.  I’ll be going out on the patio in a little while to read….and sip something cold.


Earlier this morning, I enjoyed watching All My Children on my TV…hooked up to my laptop via the HDMI cable.

I rearranged some of my goodies on the bookshelf and the pub table…the perfect perch for the laptop when it’s attached to the TV.


laptop on pub table


Hooked up and Ready to Watch!

Hooked up and Ready to Watch!


Now I’m off to finish reading a review book that held my interest…and then lost it, as  I was too distracted to continue.  I hope it goes better today!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00067]

I want to finish it today, so I can begin this one:


What are you enjoying today?  Are you luxuriating in beautiful weather?