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Good morning!  I wasn’t planning to write this post, but I’ve been doing some blog visiting…and feeling frustrated.  Yes, the spam folder is eating up comments again!

The good news:  I’m not the only one.  Other commenters report the same, so now we’re all checking our spam folders.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading All the Ugly and Wonderful Things...and it’s definitely a book that reminds me of families I’ve worked with over the years.  But strangely enough, the “dysfunctional” character of Kellen is one I feel empathy for.







Yesterday, I took a dinner tray into my bedroom and watched DVDs there.  I had received one in the mail that I hadn’t checked out yet:  A Map of the World, based on the Jane Hamilton book.  I’ve seen the movie before, and have it as a VHS tape…but the DVD was easier to watch.






I also downloaded the Kindle version onto Pippa, even though I read the book a while ago.  Sadly, the print book went out with one of my purges…or maybe I didn’t own a copy.  That’s what happens when you don’t list all the books you own!  lol

After I finished watching it, I started watching another disc from the Peyton Place TV series that I bought a while ago, too.  The quality is not the best…it was a black and white show, and night-time scenes are dark.  The sound is very loud, too.  I try to only watch it in the daytime.

Then my son Brett called.  He usually calls, with his Bluetooth, when he is on the road somewhere.  This time he was headed to Berkeley to spend the weekend with his eldest, Alec, who is a senior at UC Berkeley.  Below, Alec in June.





It’s hard to believe that he is twenty-one already!  I still see his baby face on one of my sentimental mugs: (below, the one in the middle, of course!  lol)





He is my first-born grandchild, so there is definitely a special connection.  And he is a very nice and respectful young man who never seemed to go through that annoying phase that some have gone through…not mentioning any names!  lol.

Today I plan to actually leave the house for a while.  Maybe for some shopping.  I haven’t done any in a while, and I do need to buy a few things.  Clothes, perhaps…and definitely some groceries.  Otherwise it will be restaurant eating again.

What is your weekend like?  Any special obsessions or tidbits?







    • Thanks, Patty, I now keep track…before blogging, I didn’t.

      Now I’m ready to leave the house…just got showered and dressed. Hope to find something I like. The shop where I buy clothes is next to Barnes & Noble…may have to go there, too.


  1. Just finished my weekend here and heading into Monday as I write. I had a full on day Saturday with visitor and gardening and Sunday I was exhausted and had a blah day. Even hated on a book which just may have been tiredness, will see today when I take it up again.

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