Here we are, enjoying our midweek contemplation, and today I am thinking about a lot more than just Hump Day.  Today is my second son, Brett’s, birthday, and I always love remembering those past moments with each of my kids.  Even though they are all grown up.

He went up to Berkeley on the weekend to visit his eldest (my first grandson) who is a senior at UC Berkeley.  Along the way, we chatted via phone.  He is the only one of my kids who still uses the phone to talk…lol.  Well, the others do occasionally.

Here are Brett and Alec after the game they saw.




Here are a few shots of Brett over the years:

Brett, on his fifth birthday, enjoying his chocolate….




Now…one a few years later, with his siblings…he was around 12 here (front, right):




Check out this Christmas photo of all four of them: Brett, third from left, looking grumpy.  He often loved making such faces when the camera was turned on him.   He was still a teenager.  lol.






And now, for the somewhat blurry “photo of a photo” that hangs in my office (circa – 1991).  Each of them at our special sculptured monument at the university, and around that photo, the individual kids.  Brett, top right:





Sending happy birthday thoughts to Brett!


Meanwhile, here in my office, I am feeling frustrated.  The WP commenting system is still failing me!  I sent them an email request, stating the issues.  And I’m not the only one having them!  So far, they haven’t responded.

They were working on the system earlier, so is it too much to hope that they might be fixing the problem?  Probably not.

Meanwhile, I try commenting on WP…and sometimes the comments go through.  When they don’t, I use my FB sign-in, on the blogs that are set up that way.

Occasionally I tweet the blog-owner, letting them know to check their spam folders.


Any ideas?  Is anyone else who reads my blog having that problem?  I know that other bloggers mentioned it on the weekend.

I’m going to try to forget about it for a while…I’m looking forward to having my hair styled and chatting with my daughter later.



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  1. Nice to remember the years past on your son’s birthday and love the photo with his son. Hope the commenting problem resolves. It must be WP fault and hope they fix it. Best to just ignore for little while and go read a book or watch Netflix!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Kathryn, it’s hard to believe that they are all grown up, so pulling out little memories from their past birthdays and celebrations is a way to commemorate the moments for me.

      I can’t wait until WP does something to correct the problem. Can’t figure out why it comes up sporadically, and then seems to work for a while…only to have it stop working again!

      Loving my reading, though. Thanks for visiting.



  3. I enjoy your family photos so much! I’ve been thinking of putting together an actual hold-in-your-hands album of photos for my granddaughter. Much more fun than searching for them on my computer and viewing them on a screen.
    I hope WordPress figures out what’s wrong and fixes it. Your comment came through just fine on my blog post. Thank you for stopping by.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Sandra, and I got the word from WP support that they had “fixed” the problem; we’ll see. lol.

      I love the hold-in-your hands albums…and have several of those, but I stopped putting in photos a couple of years ago. I should change that!

      Enjoy your weekend, and I’m glad you could stop by.

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