Another Hump Day finds me enjoying more changes in my surroundings.  Yesterday I acquired my original copies of the books I created (above), from my daughter’s garage, and now they are tucked away in my Jelly Cupboard…LOL.  Moving seems to follow stages, with the major stuff showing up first and everything else coming along a little bit at a time.

I still have my Engelbreit calendar, and I love the September message:


I got “purpled” again yesterday:

I’m loving my books this week, starting with My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding, by Wendy Wax, and I’m almost finished with California Girls, by Susan Mallery.

Today I downloaded a new e-book from an author I haven’t read in a while:

The Grammarians, by Cathleen Schine

An enchanting, comic love letter to sibling rivalry and the English language.


In the next two weeks, I will receive some books I have pre-ordered:

The Stranger Inside, by Lisa Unger (9/17)

The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood- Sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale (9/10)

The Nanny, by Gilly Macmillan (9/10)


So many books to anticipate in the upcoming weeks!  What are you eager to read soon?



Is it Wednesday already?  I’m halfway finished with my second book of the week, All the Wrong Places, by Joy Fielding, and I read and reviewed Back Stabbers, by Julie Mulhern (click for my review)…so that’s good.

Yesterday morning, I lost Internet…again.  And TV/Phone service, so I spent time on the cell phone (the only one that worked!) trying to sort it out.  They uploaded new software to my modem…and so far, so good.  I hate having to nervously check my modem to see how many lights are on before I even have my first cup of coffee.

Yesterday afternoon, I had lunch with my daughter and traipsed along with her to check out one of the Senior Apartment complexes she had on her list.  As usual, too expensive and too tiny, and a reminder of why I don’t want to go there yet.  My daughter thinks I should be planning ahead, but I think I’m comfortable and happy here.  And yes, they did raise the rent again, but I don’t even want to think of moving yet.  She’s planning to call my No. 2 son, but I don’t think he will fall into line.  Anyway, he and his fiancee are vacationing in Vietnam and Thailand.  Plus, the more she tries to persuade me, the more I dig in.  I love my freedom and independence!  And I can still walk, drive, think…etc.  And she’s not the boss of me! LOL.

Am I in a state of denial?  Maybe, but I’m comfortable there.


Upcoming books:

I Know Who You Are, by Alice Feeney (author of Sometimes I Lie). (April 23 Release Date).

Someone Knows, by Lisa Scottoline (April 9 – I pre-ordered it).


So…now I am getting ready to put my newest sheets on my bed…they are eggplant colored and very soft.  I think they’ll fit nicely with my boho bedding.  Here’s a peek:



Welcome to another Hump Day.  Today I’m cleaning…and changing up the decor in my bedroom.  My new bedding arrived from Amazon on Monday.

I got the idea from a movie I was watching…colorful bedsheets and comforter took me to Amazon to find something that evoked the same feelings.  Bohemian.

Here’s another view:

As you can see, the drape that leads to the ensuite bathroom has the same colors.  I guess I did that on purpose.

My previous bedding is in the laundry, getting freshened for my guestroom/office.

When I watch movies, or read books that have vivid descriptions, I visualize how I can “renew” my own environment.


Let’s step outside for a minute and enjoy some photos of my granddaughter Aubrey, soon to graduate from San Diego State University. Here, she and friends are in Seattle. Later in the summer, she is headed to New Zealand, where she will explore the wonders for a year…before settling into the humdrum of life.


Today will be another reading day…I’m in the beginning of The Ash Family, which I fear will turn dark before the end.  Cults always scare me a little.  I love the cover, though.

I was clicking around on links earlier, and found this book, coming on April 23.  Stone Mothers, by Erin Kelly, who wrote He Said/She Said.

Another intense, irresistible novel of psychological suspense.

You can’t keep the secret.
You can’t tell the truth.
You can’t escape the past


Now I am going into the living room…to finish up the dusting and vacuuming.  Doing one room at a time is working for me…sort of.

What is happening on your Hump Day?



Yesterday was one of those days.  I was restless, I had finished visiting blogs, I had even downloaded some book releases.  You can guess what’s next, right?  See my reconfigured living area above.

The wicker loveseat was in front of the bookcase, and the pub table lived by the sliding glass door.   Of course I had to do a switcheroo.  And the little table by the loveseat used to be on the other side of the room.  The only photo I could find of it there was one I snapped at Christmas!

I realized that most of my recent photos were taken in my office…where I spend a LOT of time.

Here is another view of my changes, from the other side of my sofa:

The view outside can be nice…but first I have to clear the leaves off the patio.  Every week, the gardeners blow them off the lawns and onto my space with their annoying device!  I would like to go out there…and I would also enjoy looking out through an open window. I wish they would stop doing that.  Below, here is the view I would like to see.  Now that I look at this photo, I am missing the little table I once had here…but it is now in my office, with my TV and various devices on it.

My furniture is in a constant state of flux…reconfiguring and repurposing…

I did a couple more shots of recent changes, like this hall tree with handbags.  My newest bag is front and center.

Then I moved my little hassock over to where the small table once sat:


This morning, I was quietly screaming when I tried to open my Internet home page.  I kept getting a message that the connection was unavailable.  I knew I had Internet service, as I saw the little icon at the bottom of the page that announces “Internet Access”!  Just to be sure, I checked all of my connections…and then restarted the computer.  Checked my AVG Internet Security…no issues.  And voila!  The page came up.  But now I’m feeling paranoid.

Later…it happened again, so I went through the Firefox troubleshooting process and found it!  I had to go to my security site and unclick a box.  Done and done!

I’m finished with The Family Gathering.  (Click for review) I love the setting and the characters.


What random activities are absorbing you today?  Do you get distracted by tasks…and then realize that the morning has slipped by?



As Aubrey’s time in Prague comes to an end, she continues to explore the surrounding areas.  In the photo above, she is overlooking Zurich.

Below, she is standing tall in the center of Nuremberg.

Luxuriating in the twinkling city lights…

Exploring Salzburg, Austria…

The beauty of Hallstatt, Austria…

Another way to remember Zurich…



As these bittersweet moments end too soon, Aubrey will never see the world the same way.  Can she ever enjoy San Diego, CA, again?

Being home with family should help with that.


I have never explored these wonderful places IRL…but I’ve definitely loved seeing them from Aubrey’s perspective.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my reading, and today’s delightful cozy mystery is Eaves of Destruction, by Kate Carlisle.


Now that the holidays are behind us, I’m loving my normal routines.  What do yours look like?



As the New Year approaches, I find myself checking out my TBR…and also putting up new calendars, like this one in my office, below (Georgia O’Keeffe).  After I hung the calendar, I had to move the little figurine of “a circle of bears” that once sat atop that book…to the shelf above.

The Christmas decorations are still up…but I’m feeling restless.  I may end up taking them down BEFORE New Year’s.

New Year’s Eve:  what I love to do is watch movies, in between reading…and at midnight, I turn on Dick Clark’s show (even though he is no longer on it).  I might have some popcorn…and Champagne.

My First Book of the Year post will be up on January 1…at An Interior Journey.  Shhh…not revealing the title just yet, but I sent my photo of myself holding the book to Sheila, at Book Journey, since she is hosting our event.

Another tradition for the New Year:  our One Word.  For 2017, I chose HOPE.


What word will suit me for 2018?  Still pondering…

Meanwhile, continuing to read the books on my TBR…and I have some NetGalley books to read before January is over:

The Girls in the Picture, by Melanie Benjamin -Currently Reading-1/16/18

Anatomy of a Scandal, by Sarah Vaughan (1/23/18)

Watch Me, by Jody Gehrman (1/23/18)


On Netflix, I’ve been watching Fuller House. 

Years ago, I recall watching Full House, and now the “kids” are all grown up.  I see several of the actors in Hallmark events these days:  Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Lori Loughlin…

As much as I enjoy the Hallmark Channel, I must comment that so many of the same actors show up over and over…and the ones who have a certain “look” are always the bad guys.  When you see those actors, you know that they are up to “no good.”


What events/books/movies are you looking forward to in 2018?




What a fabulous way to spend a rainy day!  My great-niece Margaret is at an age when puddles and boots are fun things.  Exploring, enjoying, and experiencing everything life has to offer.

On this Hump Day, we can all learn a thing or two about how to have more fun.

Today is not a rainy one here…at least not yet.  Prediction for today:  fair, with a high of 56.  Not bad.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a jury summons for this week…and it was one of those “call every night” things…until I called last night and they wanted me to appear today.  Well, I have too many things going on…so I waited through the menu until I got to the one where a postponement could be requested.  I’ve never done that…but why not?  So I postponed it until the first week in August.  If I can plan ahead a little, I can make sure that nothing important is on the schedule for that week.

Today I have my massage and hair styling appointment…


heather's bear

Tomorrow I have to go sign the tax forms so the accountant can file…

There was no way I wanted to miss these events!


Yesterday was not a rainy day…there were no winds…so why did my skylight cover fall down again?  Luckily, since it wasn’t the weekend, the maintenance staff came and fixed it right away.  He said the previous cover had been too small, so he cut this one larger.  A tight fit, now, which makes me feel more secure.

I have been here almost ten years, and for the first times ever, the skylight cover fell down twice in as many months!  The good news:  great maintenance staff.  So as long as nothing happens on a weekend….


Reading:  Yes, I am enjoying my reading week so far.


I don’t often read more than one book at a time, but this week found me book hopping.

The Best Awful, by Carrie Fisher, the sequel to the bestselling Postcards from the Edge contains Carrie’s Fisher’s trademark intelligence and wit that brought Postcards to the Hollywood movie screen.



Rainy Day Women (e-book), by Kay Kendall, is the second book in the Austin Starr Mystery series. In 1969, during the week of the Manson murders and Woodstock, the intrepid amateur sleuth, infant in tow, flies across the continent to support a friend suspected of murdering women’s liberation activists in Seattle and Vancouver.



I’ll be bringing Pippa to the styling salon…so I’ll be reading Rainy Day Women there.

What does your Hump Day look like?  Plans for the rest of the week?