Since last week, I have been thinking about the question:  To move or not to move.

One of the reasons NOT to move, of course, is the hassle of packing up and transporting everything, and then unpacking.  I am always amazed that anything I own makes it from Place A to Place B without mishap.  Oh, yes, there have been a few breakages along the way, especially when “friends” helped.  But not very many losses have occurred.

Sentimental objects, often not that valuable, are a big worry of mine, especially when some of them have made it through so many moves over a lot of years. 

Like the beaded necklace in the photo above (hanging on the left side of the cupboard).  Not valuable, in terms of money.  But it reminds me of being on one path, and then taking another journey completely, with that necklace a symbol of that summer.  One might call it my Summer of Love, which is not the same as the one you’ve read about (that was 1967).

In June 1970, I went to a party.  I was wearing that necklace, and at that event, I met someone that I would soon become completely involved with, and would marry by year’s end.  I wore that necklace throughout our first summer together…and beyond.

For a long time I kept it with other costume jewelry, but at some point, I started showing it off a bit by draping it over pieces of furniture, like this little jelly cupboard.

Yes, I am sentimental that way.  With objects that represent pivotal moments in my life.  Defining moments, if you will.

Photos are also remembrances, and now that many reside on my computer, I can access them easily.  Here we are, a few years later, on family vacation, in Summer 1977, with our daughter.





And another, snapped in Winter 1978:




We knew our journey was coming to an end during that winter in 1978 (above), but we never forget the special times.  My journey since has taken me to other people and places, but the children of those previous unions are still with me, along with the sentimental objects and photos.






I will find a way to move forward, to a new place, when the time is right.  But in the meantime, I am enjoying my routines and memories that I have gathered around me here.

Do you have special mementos that bring back stories from your life?  What special photos remind you of your story?



8 thoughts on “SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY….

    • Thanks, Kathryn, I am amazed that the necklace has survived all of my moves. Should I risk another move? I have lost some precious objects over the years, not necessarily from moving. In kindergarten, my second son had made this adorable paper mache bottle with straw flowers in it…and one of the cats destroyed it! I was so upset.

      Glad you could stop by and share in my sentimental journey.

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    • That definitely makes sense, and that’s what I did last time. But when I see everything spread out around me, the task seems overwhelming. When I used to move a lot, I didn’t have these feelings. lol

      I don’t have to move….I just thought it might be good to move into a secure community setting, but maybe I’m not ready for that yet. Thanks, Stefanie.


  1. And I have lots of childhood items that are still wrapped up and up on my closet shelf. That is thanks to my mum who likes to keep things she sees as special. We don’t have room in this house which is fine with me as storage is scarce compared to the apartment we used to live in in the city.

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