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Happy Sunday!  I was happily planning out my reading on Saturday, and then started a book that I bought in May (Dear Carolina, by Kristy Woodson Harvey). 





I was congratulating myself on being on track with all my review books.  And then I noticed, accidentally, that a NetGalley review book, All Is Not Forgotten, by Wendy Walker, will be released on 7/12…and not the 22nd, which I had written down in my notebook!





Luckily, I discovered it in time!  Now I will go back and forth between the two books, but giving priority to the NetGalley tome.

It is definitely a page turner so far….a violent rape, a loss of memory, and few or no clues.  A wonderful suburban town where nothing like this should have happened.


Meanwhile, drama is stewing between my granddaughter Fiona and me…Color me stunned, since usually she is the reasonable girl.  LOL.  But my stubbornness is alive and well, apparently.  What is the conflict?  Well, she insists on taking her puppy on the road trip we were planning (10-11 hours one way), and I am appalled.  Not a dog fan, but I don’t think the puppy will enjoy the trip, either.

We are at an impasse, so I guess my trip is cancelled….or I will go on the train.  Sigh.

So I’ll be checking train schedules and trying to decide if it’s worth it.




What is happening on your Sunday?  Planning, relaxing?




  1. Patty

    Oh no! But it will be lovely on the train…reading, relaxing…looking out of the windows…I think it will be difficult to bring a puppy, too…can’t you convince her to wait until the puppy is a bit older?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I tried, Patty, but she is as stubborn as her nana…lol. But you’re right about the train. It will be lovely to read, relax, etc. I need to start planning the trip, with this change in it.


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