OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGood morning!  It’s time to ponder the upcoming weekend.  After a week of mostly getting up early and going to appointments, etc., I am eager to stay indoors today.

Above, meet Liberty.  She is my little book mascot in the office, sitting next to some of my favorites.  Why Liberty?  Well, Fourth of July moments made me think of her…plus, my name starts with “L” and it’s a hippie type of name, which she also deserves.

In my last post, I posed the question of what she should be named, but got no suggestions…lol.

Yes, I name everything, from dolls to electronic devices.

When my daughter was young, I named all of her dolls.  She didn’t protest, since she wasn’t into naming them, but later I heard her complaining about it to a friend.  lol


In the six novels I wrote, I had such fun naming the characters, and, of course, had to keep detailed files on their names, characteristics, etc.  The MC that appeared in more than one of my books was Lindsay Malone, and her sidekick was Gia Greenbaum.  Not surprisingly, some readers thought I was Lindsay and my best friend from college was Gia.

For a while, she and I called each other by those names.  Phone rings:  “Hi, Gia,” to which she responds, “Hey, Linds.”

Neither of these characters appeared in my sixth novel, Interior Designs, but the MC in that book was Martha Scott, who also appeared in Embrace the Whirlwind.


Front Cover-resized again









So that’s a little Thursday trivia….what are you doing, reading, or thinking about today?




  1. Well you got a laugh out loud chuckle from me over naming your daughters dolls! Today as I sit here after breakfast it is windy, rainy and cold – won’t be going far. Reading and sewing!

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    • Oh, I’m glad, Kathryn…I aim to please by bringing out some chuckles…lol. I am rather quirky, I know. Who names their daughter’s dolls AND their various devices?

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoying this post. It’s hot here, but maybe that’s better than windy, rainy, and cold. Curl up and read!

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