What a blissful Friday!  After doing a little blogging, TV watching, and my now routine bicycling while movie watching…

I settled in for a little afternoon nap.  And had such vivid dreams that I thought I must have slept the whole night!

When I woke up, I picked up Beach Bliss and started reading again…I love how the familiar characters settle into their summer at Stony Point Beach.  Elsa, the “matriarchal” character, is renovating her cottage into a beach inn, with the help of Jason Barlow, the local architect.  Kyle, the diner owner, is moving into his own beach cottage nearby…finally, with the help of several locals.

Right away I was swept up into their beach lifestyle, enjoying their decor and tasting the delicious meals, especially the Sunday breakfast Elsa has prepared for Cliff,  her “gentleman friend,” to whom she offers samples of her Opening Day treats for her new inn.  I could almost taste the blueberry and/or chocolate chip pancakes!

After Cliff leaves that morning, one of the younger guys calls out to him about his “walk of shame.”  Stunned, Cliff goes home to  Google the phrase.  I had to giggle a little at his next actions.  He goes online to order a duffel…so he can discreetly carry a change of clothes for his next get-together with Elsa.


I haven’t bought any books this week!  I did download two NetGalley review ARCs…






and another library book:


Tomorrow I want to go to the movies:  Book Club is playing!


So…now for an evening of more reading…and some Netflix.  Maybe.  What did your Friday look like?




Good morning!  It’s Tuesday…and I’m staying away from the New Releases.  But maybe just for now.

After rearranging a few things in my bedroom “retreat,” which I now call it, I’m discovering other ways to spend time there.  Like bicycling on that ill-used exercise device while watching movies from my DVR.  Yes, watching a movie while I work out somehow keeps me going for a while.  Before I know it, 30 minutes have gone by!

I also enjoy looking around the room and reminding myself of other activities I can do here.  I can view movies or shows from the BluRay player attached to my TV.  Or read from the stack of books on the aqua-colored table.  Those books are ones I’ve collected for the purpose of re-reading.  Not something I do much anymore, but I like knowing they are there.

At night, I curl up on this bed and read or watch something.

Currently I’m reading The Female Persuasion, by Meg Wolitzer.  I’m thoroughly immersed in this fictionalized account of feminist issues that have arisen out of latter-day moments that seem really timely.  “A novel about power and influence, ego and loyalty, womanhood and ambition. At its heart, The Female Persuasion is about the flame we all believe is flickering inside of us, waiting to be seen and fanned by the right person at the right time. It’s a story about the people who guide and the people who follow (and how those roles evolve over time), and the desire within all of us to be pulled into the light.”

I will savor this book!  I am loving the character of Faith Frank, who seems like a slightly younger version of Gloria Steinem, and who has been a central pillar of the movement for decades.  Someone who leads the way and is a mentor for younger women, like Greer Kadetsky, whose shy voice grows stronger with the help of the older woman’s encouragement.


Now I’m going back into my living room to curl up with this book…and maybe watch a little TV. 

Tomorrow I’m having coffee with an old friend who is a former colleague.  We meet at least once a month, sometimes for lunch.

What does your week look like so far?



Welcome to my Sunday…a day to visit blogs, but also a wonderful day to watch the streaming show The Good Fight.  I love the characters, some of which were in another favorite show, The Good Wife.


We’re on Season II…and when I first started watching this new season, the audio was very poor, so I had to lean forward and add the closed captions.

But suddenly the sound is normal again!  So happy about that.


When I opened my e-mails today, I saw another book from the library!  I love how this works…I put them on hold, and then they automatically appear.  Today’s “gift” was Sisters Like Us, by Susan Mallery.


I have another recent book from the library to start reading:  A Nantucket Wedding, by Nancy Thayer…a favorite author that takes me right to the beach.


I’m also reading Paris Ever After, by K.S.R. Burns, a NetGalley review book.


I am looking forward to a cozy Sunday!  I also have some shows and movies waiting on my DVR.

What are you anticipating today?



Welcome to my cozy Sunday…a day of reading, watching movies, etc.

After visiting other bloggers for a while, I decided to watch The Good Fight, Season II, a show that is streaming on CBS-All Access.  The characters include several who were on The Good Wife, the now defunct show (sadly).

Last night I watched some movies rather late, one of which was on Lifetime: My Daughter Was Stolen.  I should know better than to watch that channel at night, as I then dreamed vivid moments from the movie throughout the night.  However, when I dream about a movie, my mind often changes things up, adding twists and turns.  So I woke up several times throughout the night, but when I went back to sleep, the movie continued via my dreams!  Exhausting!  LOL

I was quite happy to awaken early…and start visiting blogs.

Today I’m planning to start reading The Darkness Gathers, by Lisa Unger, a library e-book.


I had also thought about going to see Chappaquiddick, at the neighborhood theater…still pondering that one.  If I don’t go today, I might head over mid-week.


Tomorrow I’ll be meeting a friend for coffee and a chat over at Barnes & Noble.  I’m looking forward to it!

What are your plans for the day…and the upcoming week?



Changing the clocks AGAIN!  How did they come up with this off-kilter system, with only four months since our last changeover?

Okay…you get that I hate changing the time!  Even though I’ve removed batteries from some of my more decorative clocks:

But…still there are the little clocks in my office and on a bookshelf in the living room; the Coca Cola clock in the kitchen; the microwave; and the coffee pot.  Not to mention the clock radio by my bedside.

I am sure I forgot one.  Oh, yes, the one in my car…and my watch!

Now that I’ve (sort of) made my world “timely” again, I plan to continue enjoying this book:

Alternate Side, by Anna Quindlen

The story features a New York Upper West Side neighborhood, in which the street is one of the “dead end” variety.  But the neighbors seem friendly…and then something happens that changes everything.

The “alternate side” aspect has to do with parking, and in this tale, we see how the neighbors deal with the parking issue by creating a parking lot on an empty space.  Renting their own parking space, and then dealing with some of the issues created by the lot, will lead to unexpected consequences and conflicts.


I’m loving it.  I did read for a while yesterday, and I’m halfway through the book…but my Netflix viewing did capture me, too.

Parenthood is a series I’ve seen when it was on the networks…and now, in viewing it again, I am amazed at how the characters arouse so many emotions.  The parents flounder, which is kind of true to life.  But some parents are better than others.  And some characters are VERY annoying.  Like self-righteous Adam and Kristina…until something happens to Kristina that reminds us that she is human.

When some of the kids (like Sydney, or Max) display a lot of “spoiled” behavior, I want to throw things at the parents.  So…I’m guessing the creators of the show want this kind of reaction.  Right?


What else is happening in your universe?  Enjoying the weekend?  Planning ahead?



Welcome to my Sunday!  I’m visiting blogs…and I also watched Episode 1 of Season II, The Good Fight.

The first episode was timely and dealt with contemporary issues.  My only complaint:  the audio was so low that I had to add closed captions!  That was definitely an issue, as I don’t like having to lean in to hear/read the dialogue.

I am hoping the issue will be resolved by next Sunday’s episode!

Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide what to do today.

I’ve been housebound since Tuesday…I think.  After my lunch and dinner outings, I curled up to read and watch TV.  But now I’m starting to feel…closed off?  Isolated?

It has been rainy and cloudy outside, though, and I still have movies to watch.  Sigh.

I’m reading An American Marriage, and I’m not loving it yet!  I need to give it more time, though.


I am starting to feel annoyed when a book I’ve been hearing such good things about doesn’t immediately grab me.  Is it me?  Or is it the book?  Maybe I’m expecting too much.

I will definitely give it a few more chapters.


Last night, I watched Three Billboards...and loved it, although it was a pretty angry portrayal of family and a small town that I’m glad I have never lived in…

I do love Frances McDormand.  I wonder how this movie will fare at the Oscars.

I have set my DVR…but don’t plan to watch live.


How is your weekend shaping up?  Do you watch the Oscars?  Have you seen any of the movies nominated?



Good morning!  I’m in my office this morning, curled up on my sofa…and with the TV on while I read The Promise Between Us.

“This is an eye-opening and realistic exploration of mental illness—a topic that greatly deserves to be front and center.” —Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things


After writing my Weekly Updates over at An Interior Journey, I was scrolling through my e-mails and found that a new NetGalley ARC had been approved:  Before and Again, by Barbara Delinsky (Release Date:  6/26).

From Barbara Delinsky, the New York Times bestselling author of Blueprints and Sweet Salt Air, a brand-new novel about a woman in hiding finding the courage to face the world again.


I got up really early today:  4:00 a.m.!  I stripped the  bed to do the sheets, wrote my Weekly Updates post, went through my e-mails…and started reading my book.

As soon as it was light outside, I replaced the light bulb in the garage.  It had burned out, and I realized that I have never had to replace it!  I’ve been here almost 11 years.  I think the maintenance people changed it out when they were fixing the garage doors…otherwise, how can I explain a bulb that burns…well, seemingly forever?

But…I was worried about the task, as I had to open the garage door in order to see what I was doing.  My kitchen step ladder served me well.   Task done!


What are your weekend plans?  Errands, housework, other tasks?  It’s only 7:10 a.m. here and I could still get more done.  But for a while, at least, I’ll be reading.



Good morning!  Welcome to another Sunday Potpourri, a post that focuses on life’s little tidbits, obsessions, etc.

Today I’ve been thinking about bookish things…and also about a change in venue I’m bringing next weekend:  I’ll be posting my Weekly Updates on my An Interior Journey blog.

Yes, it is time for a change.  So far, I’ve featured my updates on Serendipity, Rainy Days and Mondays, and Curl up and Read.  A long time ago, I hosted the event on An Interior Journey.

The only blogs that are not featured are this one and Snow Sparks.  Primarily because they have not been the traditional book blogs.  But that seems to be changing.  So who knows what could happen next?


Now for the bookish things.  Lately I’ve noticed that I get lots of e-mails from Goodreads, offering “deals,” and it is annoying, since in many cases, I already have the books.

But then I realized that there is no category for “already have the book.”  There is “want to read,” “currently reading,” “read,” etc.

And even the categories listed above are confusing, since you might have read the Kindle version of a book, but if your search leads you to the book, and it lands on one of the other versions, it will not show that you’ve read it.

I don’t want to complain, since I can’t offer a solution.  I do know that I stopped participating in the Goodreads Challenge because, if I accidentally clicked that I read a book and it was the wrong version…and then I changed it…the stats would be wrong.

So…I do love Goodreads for telling me what I’ve read (once I click on the correct version), and this has saved me from duplicate book buys.

I need to change my iPhone settings somehow, as I can’t get to the Goodreads page from my phone.  Which means that I can’t find the answers when I’m out and about…at Barnes & Noble, for example.


Any thoughts? Am I obsessively focusing on the wrong things?  Are there ways to manage the Goodreads shelves?



Good morning Sunday!  A day to relax, read, watch movies…and reflect on family.  Above, my younger brother and his wife are hanging out on the “family tree” with their three grandchildren:  Luc, Gavin, and America.

They live on the ranch where I grew up, so I’m familiar with that tree.  It has been there, welcoming climbers, since I was a child.  I think.  Why am I not sure?  Well, we started out with a different house, so after my father built a newer one, the arrangement of the trees might be a bit of a blur. 

In the present, my brother and his wife live on the “family farm,” with fewer acres than we had growing up.  My mother sold off most of the farm in the 1990s.

When their grandchildren visit, they do enjoy climbing the very trees we climbed.  Here’s America, my grand-niece, enjoying a kitty.  She was born on September 11, 2008 (hence the name America).  I have never met her, except in photos.  I need to visit them all someday, but going “home” to the ranch is still an emotional situation.  I was last there on the day of my mother’s funeral.



Meanwhile, here at home, I had a wonderful day yesterday binge-watching Season 4 of Grace and Frankie.  It was the best season so far, IMO.  The show dealt with issues of aging, family dynamics, and how the characters are dealing with these issues.



Now I can’t wait for the next season!  That’s what happens when you watch ALL of the episodes.

Today I’m reading Seeing Red, by Sandra Brown, a book I’ve had for a while (since August 2017).  I’m loving it.


So…I may stay in all day, or go out to eat.  Or I might just go to Barnes & Noble, since I don’t have nearly enough books already…lol.

What does your day hold?



As the New Year approaches, I find myself checking out my TBR…and also putting up new calendars, like this one in my office, below (Georgia O’Keeffe).  After I hung the calendar, I had to move the little figurine of “a circle of bears” that once sat atop that book…to the shelf above.

The Christmas decorations are still up…but I’m feeling restless.  I may end up taking them down BEFORE New Year’s.

New Year’s Eve:  what I love to do is watch movies, in between reading…and at midnight, I turn on Dick Clark’s show (even though he is no longer on it).  I might have some popcorn…and Champagne.

My First Book of the Year post will be up on January 1…at An Interior Journey.  Shhh…not revealing the title just yet, but I sent my photo of myself holding the book to Sheila, at Book Journey, since she is hosting our event.

Another tradition for the New Year:  our One Word.  For 2017, I chose HOPE.


What word will suit me for 2018?  Still pondering…

Meanwhile, continuing to read the books on my TBR…and I have some NetGalley books to read before January is over:

The Girls in the Picture, by Melanie Benjamin -Currently Reading-1/16/18

Anatomy of a Scandal, by Sarah Vaughan (1/23/18)

Watch Me, by Jody Gehrman (1/23/18)


On Netflix, I’ve been watching Fuller House. 

Years ago, I recall watching Full House, and now the “kids” are all grown up.  I see several of the actors in Hallmark events these days:  Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Lori Loughlin…

As much as I enjoy the Hallmark Channel, I must comment that so many of the same actors show up over and over…and the ones who have a certain “look” are always the bad guys.  When you see those actors, you know that they are up to “no good.”


What events/books/movies are you looking forward to in 2018?