Welcome to my Hump Day Potpourri, my time and place to share more of my obsessions…and tidbits.  As some of you probably know, the fairytale image above is one of several such images that march across my mantle.





I started collecting these, and a few others that intermittently line my bookshelves, along with the books, when I first moved in here nine years ago!  Nine years!  I can’t believe it.

In the neighborhood mall was a shop called Country Clutter, later renamed Apricot Lane…and I found all kinds of things to collect.

Nowadays, I have stashed a lot of these in bins in the garage….hoping to “declutter” a bit.

But today was also supposed to be about the image in my header:  the little house next to the Madeline Hatter doll.



Magical images

I bought this Mary Engelbreit cottage that mimics some of her own personal cottages, several years ago.  I was still living in the foothill house when I bought it, so it was sometime between 1994-2007.  Funny how I can’t remember exactly when I bought it…but I know that my eldest son used to walk by it and squeeze it, calling it Squishy House.  That made me smile.  And he only visited in the foothill house twice:  in 1994 and in 2006-2007.

Now it mostly lives here on my Baker’s Rack (bottom left).  On the top shelf, right, is another of ME’s cottages:



baker's rack-2 april 11


That photo above was taken before some of my recent changes, I now notice…the Coca Cola jukebox is currently residing in my bedroom (below), where I made more changes last night, to connect my laptop to my TV via HDMI cable.  For watching Netflix in my bed.  The laptop will sit on the small chest next to the TV.  See my Thoughts from the Interior post here:



May 3 - more bedroom changes


When I bought the HDMI cable yesterday, I also bought new sheets….they are so soft…and not the really high thread count kind, but they work for me:



may 4 - sheets


The table next to the bed was once across the room by the TV…the switcheroo happened to assist in Netflix viewing…so the laptop could rest on a larger surface (the chest pictured above this one).

As you can tell, I’m a bit obsessive about a few things:  my interiors, of course; my binge-watching and how to make it possible in as many places as I can arrange; and, my cozy bedroom, where I want to spend more time in the future. 

I picture Saturday or Sunday mornings lying in bed and watching Netflix….or Amazon Videos…or Hulu.


What, if any, obsessions do you enjoy?  Do the small tidbits in your life keep you fascinated?  As you can tell, I don’t think of obsessions as mental health issues, but quirky characteristics that make life interesting.




Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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