After a couple of unsettling weeks, with skin conditions and waiting for my new flat screen TV for the office, I can finally curl up on my comfy couch in this room…to watch DVDs, some ancient VHS tapes, and even read. Right now I’m watching the Hallmark channel in the background as I type.


You may notice that I have re-purposed some of my items…the white table on which the TV is perched (previous dining table) and underneath, a little side table that once resided in the living room next to the loveseat.  It holds the VCR/DVD player, which is definitely a thing of the past…but I like a few of those old movies.

In my bedroom, I have set up the quirky end table that once held the office TV equipment…it can be useful for when I bring my laptop into the bedroom to watch Netflix, etc., and it also holds stacks of books I’ve read and loved.  I had moved the end table into the garage, but then thought:  maybe it could work in my bedroom!


Speaking of “re-purposing,” after I moved the white dining table into the office, I had room for this chair next to my sofa table, and with a view of the Coca Cola dining table.



After I curl up for a while watching old movies, I hope to start reading The Swallow’s Nest, by Emilie Richards, a review book.




Three women fight for the chance to raise the child they’ve all come to love 

When Lilia Swallow’s husband, Graham, goes into remission after a challenging year of treatment for lymphoma, the home and lifestyle blogger throws a party. Their best friends and colleagues attend to celebrate his recovery, but just as the party is in full swing, a new guest arrives. She presents Lilia with a beautiful baby boy, and vanishes.

Toby is Graham’s darkest secret—his son, conceived in a moment of despair. Lilia is utterly unprepared for the betrayal the baby represents, and perhaps more so for the love she begins to feel once her shock subsides. Now this unasked-for precious gift becomes a life changer for three women: Lilia, who takes him into her home and heart; Marina, who bore and abandoned him until circumstance and grief changed her mind; and Ellen, who sees in him a chance to correct the mistakes she made with her own son, Toby’s father.

A custody battle begins, and each would-be mother must examine her heart, confront her choices and weigh her dreams against the fate of one vulnerable little boy. Each woman will redefine family, belonging and love—and the results will alter the course of not only their lives, but also the lives of everyone they care for.


I do enjoy a good custody battle!  The book is hefty, with 496 pages, so I will be savoring it.

What does your weekend look like?  Do you enjoy making changes in your interiors?  Do the changes make you look at your world a little differently?





Welcome to my Hump Day Potpourri, my time and place to share more of my obsessions…and tidbits.  As some of you probably know, the fairytale image above is one of several such images that march across my mantle.





I started collecting these, and a few others that intermittently line my bookshelves, along with the books, when I first moved in here nine years ago!  Nine years!  I can’t believe it.

In the neighborhood mall was a shop called Country Clutter, later renamed Apricot Lane…and I found all kinds of things to collect.

Nowadays, I have stashed a lot of these in bins in the garage….hoping to “declutter” a bit.

But today was also supposed to be about the image in my header:  the little house next to the Madeline Hatter doll.



Magical images

I bought this Mary Engelbreit cottage that mimics some of her own personal cottages, several years ago.  I was still living in the foothill house when I bought it, so it was sometime between 1994-2007.  Funny how I can’t remember exactly when I bought it…but I know that my eldest son used to walk by it and squeeze it, calling it Squishy House.  That made me smile.  And he only visited in the foothill house twice:  in 1994 and in 2006-2007.

Now it mostly lives here on my Baker’s Rack (bottom left).  On the top shelf, right, is another of ME’s cottages:



baker's rack-2 april 11


That photo above was taken before some of my recent changes, I now notice…the Coca Cola jukebox is currently residing in my bedroom (below), where I made more changes last night, to connect my laptop to my TV via HDMI cable.  For watching Netflix in my bed.  The laptop will sit on the small chest next to the TV.  See my Thoughts from the Interior post here:



May 3 - more bedroom changes


When I bought the HDMI cable yesterday, I also bought new sheets….they are so soft…and not the really high thread count kind, but they work for me:



may 4 - sheets


The table next to the bed was once across the room by the TV…the switcheroo happened to assist in Netflix viewing…so the laptop could rest on a larger surface (the chest pictured above this one).

As you can tell, I’m a bit obsessive about a few things:  my interiors, of course; my binge-watching and how to make it possible in as many places as I can arrange; and, my cozy bedroom, where I want to spend more time in the future. 

I picture Saturday or Sunday mornings lying in bed and watching Netflix….or Amazon Videos…or Hulu.


What, if any, obsessions do you enjoy?  Do the small tidbits in your life keep you fascinated?  As you can tell, I don’t think of obsessions as mental health issues, but quirky characteristics that make life interesting.




resized bathtub

Welcome to my Hump Day Potpourri of Fantasies.

I love beautiful interiors, and most of the time, I am happily cozy in my own.  Rearranging things obsessively, of course, trying to put a new spin on things.  But I am also an avid collector of Pinterest images, so today is all about some of my favorites.  Like that bathtub above.

This office has long been a favorite, too, with the art on the walls, the comfy couch nearby, and the orange telephone.


resized office

Then there is my love of vintage, and while I can’t imagine actually living with this kitchen, I do love looking at it. 


resized kitchen


The splashes of red are my favorites, though.  Remember my stuff?  From fantasy to reality, just for a minute….I love those dishes in the front, (below) which I use (Franciscan Apple), and the ones in the back belonged to my mother and are for show.  My coffee pot and toaster cheer me up in the mornings.


colorful kitchen stuff jan

And from the dining room, you catch a glimpse of these images…my Coca Cola ice bucket is where I stash tea bags, Sweet ‘n’ Lo, etc., and then there is my Crockpot.  The “rolling” island, jutting out, is extra counter space. 


January kitchen - crockpot, etc.

The Coca Cola table invites me to sit a spell….


January Sunday papers

My real life fits in nicely with my fantasies, as you can see.  I enjoy both.


Today I’m reading a book that has been seen around the blogosphere for a while:  A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman.    I like this quote:  ““If there was an award for ‘Most Charming Book of the Year,’ this first novel by a Swedish blogger-turned-overnight-sensation would win hands down” (Booklist, starred review).”



The Swedish part captured my interest, (my maternal grandparents grew up in Sweden), but then BLOGGER?  Okay, now I definitely love it already.

Here’s a funny image that may or may not remind you of me:



I just finished reading the second book in Mary Alice Monroe’s “Summer” trilogy, The Summer Wind.  (Click for my review).  The two old women in the books are inspirational in their strength and philosophies on life.





What does your Hump Day look like?  What are your plans for the week ahead?