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Wonderful “firsts” occur during the holidays. Above, see my great-niece Margaret, with her parents (Emily and Bryan) enjoying her first visit with Santa.  She doesn’t look frightened, so that’s a good thing.

Seeing the firsts in the younger generation makes me remember those I enjoyed with my kids…and grandchildren.

Over at Rainy Days and Mondays, I found a two-year-old post about the holidays, which I excerpted:  Looking Back:  Finding Ways to Chase Away the Blues.

Since today is Friday, I’ve been doing all those chores that I try to finish before the weekend starts, like changing the sheets, cleaning the bathrooms, etc.

But I’ve also been reading Sting, by Sandra Brown, and although I enjoy her books, I wasn’t sure about this one.





Jordie Bennett has been abducted by a man who was planning to kill her for the money her brother’s boss has offered.  But Shaw Kinnard has other plans:  Negotiating for more money from her brother, Josh, who has escaped from Federal protection, which triggered the plan to kill/and abduct her.

Already, there is a vibe between Jordie and her captor, and this is the part I’m not sure about.  Are we supposed to hope for a connection here?  Is this her only way to survive?


But I’m still reading it.  Who knows for how long?

Next I hope to read Little Deaths…and/or In a Dark, Dark Wood.








So…now that I’m feeling cozy at home, should I go out this afternoon?  For lunch, and/or to Barnes & Noble?  A shop nearby is having a sale…

What to do?

It is always a toss-up every day…to go out, or to stay at home.  Each appealing in its own way.  What do you do when there is an equally attractive choice?




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  1. Your question makes me remember one of those Pinterest quotes: “If you force yourself to go outside, something wonderful always happens.” I think it stuck in my mind because you shouldn’t have to force yourself?

    Hope your decisions turned out well.

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