morning cereal & books - june 9


Good morning, and welcome to my delightful June 9 morning.  Breakfast tray, with coffee and chocolately cereal (Special K), next to a stack of print books that I hope to read soon.

I have a strange and somewhat quirky skill:  I remember dates.  Not the kind of dates you go out on, but calendar dates, including birthdays, as well as momentous occasions.  Momentous for me, of course.

Like June 9.  You knew I was going somewhere with this date when I mentioned it in my opening line, right?

It was a June 9th in 1970, and a friend from college had invited me to a party.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to go…I was still not used to partying, having been in a seven-year marriage.

But I went.  And when I saw the guy standing across the room, just staring back at me, I had that feeling.  Yeah, you know the one.

One thing led to another, and after that night, we became an “item.”  Sort of.  It would be several more months, though, before he became my husband # 2.  It didn’t seem quick at the time; after all, it was the 70s.

In this marriage (of almost ten years), we produced two kids…and now have four grandchildren from those kids.

Fast forward to June 9, 2015, when one of those grandchildren, Fiona, graduated high school.  In my hushed whisper, I told Fiona:  “Forty-five years ago today, I met your grandfather.  If we hadn’t met, you wouldn’t be here.”  She gave me that look.  You know the one, since all teenagers consider the thoughts and meanderings of “oldsters” a bit tedious.

Here is Fiona in her graduation cap and gown.


the graduate

But I loved the synchronicity of it.  Or coincidence. 

I am one of those people who doesn’t regret much.  Anything that has happened to me has done so for a reason, and marriages that end are not necessarily failures.  Yes, mistakes are made, but good things have come from them.


I prefer my single life these days, but I enjoy every one of those kids and grandkids…and relish our time together.  Here is one of those times, a couple of years ago.  From their facial expressions, I’m thinking that they don’t like the look of the food.  lol


the group 1


Do you enjoy those quirky and seemingly coincidental moments in life?  What do you think of them, or do you ignore them?  It’s okay if you do…not everyone is quirky.  lol



  1. Diane

    I loved this post and in some ways I feel like you are my “soul sister”😍

    I’ve been married 3 times and like you regret NOTHING. I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, so good to know, soul sister Diane…I hadn’t mentioned my third marriage, but it happened. It didn’t last long, and there were no kids from it.

      Thanks for stopping by, and here’s to no regrets! Enjoy the rest of your week….


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