Welcome to the first Saturday of 2016, in which I am eager to share tidbits and obsessions.  The doll shown above is Madeline Hatter, a part of the Alice in Wonderland collection.

I have several dolls and collectibles from this story…but most of my others are in garage bins.  I had done a major sweep through my home this past year, not purging, but gathering them up until a time when I might spotlight them again.

Madeline is a doll I got from Amazon Vine.  I usually add books from that site, but what fun it was to get something different.  And how could I be a hoarder if I didn’t buy it?  LOL

Before I spotlighted the doll, I put away all of my Christmas decorations.  I knew that my “less is more” vow this year would come in handy!  It took about five minutes to stash everything in the bins.

After collecting this doll from my mailbox, I had lunch at a neighborhood bar & grill, using one of the gift cards my three LA grandkids sent me.  They are all so grown-up now!


lunch on sat 12



salad and martini - 12


While I enjoyed my lunch, I continued reading The Black Widow, by Wendy Corsi Staub.  There is a creep factor going on in this story, which alternates between narrators.





Now I’m going to watch some movies…and perhaps I’ll take a nap.  What does your First Weekend of 2016 look like?




  1. This sounds like a delightful way to spend this first week end! I am racing against time to finish a vine book or two…they are both close to their due date!


    • I just did my Vine review on the doll…how easy that was! LOL

      I still have one Vine book to read, but have 23 days. This upcoming week, I think. Enjoy your reading, Patty, and thanks for stopping by. I loved spending this Saturday on lunch, books, etc.


  2. The house is de-Christmased. I did not take too long. Now to get the 3 totes to the attic. That will take the help of my DH. We have been binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix. Our daughter got us started when she was here at Christmas. Hope your weekend continues to delight you!


    • Oh, I loved House of Cards…and I hear that a Season 4 is coming in the spring. Something to look forward to…when I start watching a series, it’s always binge-watching. LOL. Thanks for visiting, Judy.

      Today I just watched a movie on Netflix…and another movie on Amazon Video. That was a nice change.


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