Welcome to Hump Day Potpourri, a time and place to share those odd tidbits of life.  Like the fact that I changed the theme here again…and the background, which suggests spring.  Could I be longing for spring?

This weekend’s Bloggiesta has me thinking…CHANGE!

My primary site to work on is Curl up and Read, but I’ve also made some changes at Serendipity, Rainy Days and Mondays, my website….and HERE, of course.  See some screenshots below.


screenshot jan 11IMG_0616

website screenshot - jan




Today would be a perfect day to curl up and read all day long…but I have a dental appointment this afternoon, which means I need to do a few things first.  Sigh.

Last night I started reading Gloria Steinem’s Life on the Road, and I’m loving it so far.




I bought this one in the hardcover version, so it will be a keeper.  Not one that will go the way of the purged books of last year.  And I’m done purging…for a while, anyway.  LOL.

The only challenge I joined this year, other than the Goodreads one, is the Read the Books You Buy event (check out my page), hosted by Kathryn, at the Book Date.

The rules allow us to read books we purchased from June 2015 on, as well as books we buy this year.

So far, I’ve read four books from the allowed lists.

For the purposes of the Goodreads Challenge, I have completed SIX books, which include review books.


Are you participating in challenges this year?  Do you join in the Bloggiesta fun?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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