I love my Sparky.  A gift two Christmases ago, it has been a regular companion, standing in for my print books at least once a week, as I download more and more treasures onto it.

Yesterday I was happily reading Thread on Arrival, by Amanda Lee (click for review), when I started to drift off.  I dropped Sparky!

I didn’t think anything that drastic would have happened, since I’d dropped it before, but this time my Kindle case fell apart.  Literally.  The section that embraces the book came away from the back of the case…and try as I might, there was no putting it back together again.

It’s not the same reading a Kindle without a case, but I did manage to finish the book.  This morning I’m off to Target to try to find a new case.

Meanwhile, there are some on Amazon...but I don’t think I can bear to wait that long!

51UvPWgcpBL._SY300_I think I like the look of this one….but if I can’t find a similar one at Target, I’ll probably buy whatever I can to get by until I can get the pretty one.

What do you think?  Have you ever broken your Kindle cover?  Poor Sparky looks so vulnerable without it!


Addendum:  Happy Ending!

I found a new cover for Sparky…and here it is!



  1. I got a GREAT cover for my iPad at Five Below. It is beautiful…$45.00 on the actual website of the place that made it.

    It is leather and looks like a bound book. Maybe they have something like that for the Kindle.

    Do they have a Five Below store near you?

    Best of luck finding something.


    1. I’ve never heard of Five Below….and I couldn’t find anything at Target, since they no longer carry Amazon products. I did find one at Best Buy that’s pretty okay…not as pretty as the one on Amazon, but a little less expensive (29.95).

      Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth.


    1. Yes, the one I ended up with is okay…not as pretty as the one above, but it has a purple lining and the outside is black and white polka dots. I’ll be taking a picture today! Thanks for visiting, Patty.


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