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You know the saying:  Be careful what you wish for.

Well, sometimes wishing can lead to good things, too.  In yesterday’s Hump Day Potpourri, my eagerly anticipated book (on Kindle) was due to release in 2/2013.  I preordered it, expecting to wait quite awhile.

I heard from Patty, at Books, Thoughts, and a Few Adventures that it was already out in hardcover.

Guess what?  I opened Sparky (my Kindle) this morning to find it there.  Already!  Tumbleweeds has a gorgeous cover, and the blurb captivated me when I read it.

How did that happen?  Did wishing bring it to me faster?  Well, I seriously doubt that, but I’m willing to accept the “gift” of a wish come true.

While thinking about wishes, I’m reminded of guilty pleasures from the past.  This morning, I wrote at Chocolate & Mimosas about Another Guilty Pleasure.

Actually, the post includes a couple of them…and poses the question about what “floats your boat” these days.

That expression alone is a blast from the past.

When the days bring heat at ever early hours, we have to grab our pleasures where we can find them.  And in my fridge is a large pitcher of iced tea…just waiting.

Another arrangement of the space where I curl up to read….


The big sofa is still angled, but the love seat is now in a different position.  Will I ever stop rearranging this space now that I know I can?

What I’m reading now:  Gone to Ground, by Brandilyn Collins.

What are you reading?  And what do your pleasures look like today?




  1. OMG…I love being your bookish informant!

    I love the new look but I love all of your changes.

    I am into cucumber, lemon, mint water…it’s very refreshing!


    1. I’ve never tried cucumber water…something to ponder, Patty.

      When my son came over this morning, I showed him a photo from my previous house, depicting a painting that I couldn’t find anywhere since my move. Or so I thought. We even searched through boxes in the garage, in case I hadn’t unpacked it.

      Then, as he was leaving, he pointed to my living room wall to a picture above another one (higher up) and said: “Isn’t that it?”

      OMG! It was…and I hadn’t even realized it.

      I’m sure I knew what it was when I hung it, but my eye doesn’t travel there often. lol



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