Mondays are days to ponder the week ahead, especially the books on my list.   But I’ve been reading a paperback review book all weekend, on and off between binge-watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  This weekend I finished Season 6 of Orange is the New Black…and The Slap.

It’s not that the book isn’t enjoyable.  I am actually loving the story, and revisiting characters from previous books in the series.  But I’ve discovered something unfortunate.  I like e-books better than print volumes!  Mostly because my eyes get tired with the print versions…and I can’t adjust the print or the lighting!

I may have to increase the light in the room.  That can happen.  So, I’m actually 2/3 of the way through The Season of Silver Linings, by Christine Nolfi…and I’m curious about the hidden agenda of one of the characters…and what will happen between Jada and Philip.  I hope to finish this one today.


I am also a little restless, which sometimes happens, especially after a weekend of binge-watching.  A kind of hangover descends.  Since I finished Orange is the New Black’s sixth season, I am now sad.  I want to know what will happen next, but a new season won’t appear for probably another year.

Luckily other shows will capture me and hold me hostage for a week…or a weekend.  Like Ozark’s Season II.  Then, on AMC, another season of Better Call Saul will be available next week.

Meanwhile, I’ve done some online shopping.  I went to Macy’s to try to find a little shrug, a lightweight jacket kind of thing to go over one of my nearly sleeveless dresses.  Nothing available there!  The big mall might have it, I was told.  When I thought about driving there, parking, and walking through that mall…I said no way!  Instead, I found it on Amazon…and it will arrive on Thursday.

That’s the kind of shopping I enjoy!

What brought special moments to you this weekend?



  1. Yvonne

    I find I can no longer read print books for the reasons you gave. I need to be able to adjust the print. Also, I kind of like having my entire TBR with me when I go away so I can change my mind about which book I want to read at any given moment. LOL

    I’m halfway through the new season of OITNB. Kind of scary with all these new people mixing with our old favorites. I just finished season 5 and then was lucky that season 6 just came out. Now, when I’m done with 6, I’ll have to wait a year. By then I’ll probably forget everything. LOL

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Yvonne, and I hadn’t realized how much I counted on being able to adjust the print on e-books. Next time an author offers me a review book, I may have to insist on an e-book…and hope one is available.

      I think I should start watching final episodes of previous seasons when a new season is available. It took me the first episode to remember how Season 5 had ended.

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  2. Patty

    That’s the perfect way to find a cute shrug! I love wraps! I think that when you read tons of books on your Kindle…you just learn to love it more. I hate not being able to press a word to know the definition! Plus reading at night is such a joy! I think your next Kindle should be an Oasis. It is just truly 10 times better than a regular Kindle…it’s the print that makes it so amazing. Mmm…perhaps you need a Kindle in every room?

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    1. Thanks, Patty, you’ll have to do the rundown for me about the Oasis…that may help me decide. I’ve had the Paperwhite for four years (I think), and it’s working fine. But I do want to check out the amazing aspects that I keep hearing about the upgrade.

      Enjoy your week!


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