As I sit inside my cool office, watching TV, having coffee and breakfast…I muse about the outdoor life in places where it is cooler.  Like the beach…or the mountains.

My niece Amy and her family live in the mountains northeast of here, and when they get together, even in the summer, the outdoors are a big part of their lives.  I want to hang out here (below).



The kids keep things interesting…Gavin and America are delighting in their worm exploration…



America is taking her cat for a stroll…love the house and trees in the background…



America’s craft adventures…



Another delightful adventure (for me) on a hot weekend…strawberry shortcake while reading inside a cool restaurant…



I haven’t gone out at all this week (unless you count the supermarket), but now I’m tempted to do so this weekend.  I’m thinking that I would love a nice lunch, followed by a movie in a cool theater.  The Hero, with Sam Elliott, Katherine Ross, and Laura Prepon, among others, was released this weekend.

It isn’t playing in my neighborhood theater…but I found it a few freeway exits away…which will work for me.  I enjoy the idea of some old favorites (Sam and Katherine) with some new ones (Laura Prepon, OITNB).

So…that’s how my weekend is shaping up.  I would love to be in the mountains, but I will adapt to my own surroundings for now.

What does your weekend hold for you?



  1. What neat names your niece’s kids have; how beautiful they are. Her deck is amazing. I hope to get some good crafting done this weekend. We made a Costco run today so our frig and pantry are stocked and the husband can practice his grilling Tuesday.

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    1. Thanks,Stefanie, and what is even more interesting about her daughter America’s name is the fact that she was born on September 11 (in 2008). The name seems appropriate, plus her parents are named Amy and Ric. (America?).

      I would love to have a full fridge for the weekend, but my fridge is so tiny that it wouldn’t really do much…LOL. I end up at the store a lot.

      Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Jackie

    Sounds like a delightful way to spend your time!! I just wish we would get some real summer weather this is just not normal for us. So much rain, so much flooding.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Sandra, and your vacation sounds lovely…except for all that you have to do upon your return. I don’t like that part;.

      I need to do some cleaning this weekend…I’ve been remiss! You’d think I’d been on vacation!


  3. Oh that patio in the mountains looks wonderful!! Reminds me of my husband’s aunt’s old house in South Dakota, with the trees and hill rising up from the backyard.

    I made sure to go to our natural foods store every week during strawberry season to pick up fresh, local strawberries (which are like a totally different fruit from the ones in the grocery store that have traveled 2000 miles!), but I never had a chance to make strawberry shortcake with them…but peach season is coming!

    Have a good week –


    2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

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