Beautiful sights are filling the days of my youngest, Heather, and her husband David.  On their European honeymoon, they are first enjoying Prague.  Later they will visit Amsterdam.  (Above, they are standing against the John Lennon Wall in Prague).

They flew in last week and were stuck in the Stockholm Airport before finally grabbing their connection to Prague.  Once they arrived, they enjoyed a view with my son Craig and DIL Gabi.  Great tour guides.




Here they are sharing a beer or two…or more…with Craig.



On their visit to a castle, they enjoyed this backdrop of a gorgeous gate.



The castle…



Every day Heather posts more photos…I have a folder with them, and more will be revealed as the days pass.

Meanwhile, I’m reading a couple of books…yes, at the same time:


The Beach Inn, by Joanne DeMaio




The Red Hunter (e-book), by Lisa Unger





The concurrent reading works when the books are in a different genre, and one is a thriller, while the other is a beach read with a different kind of drama.




While I was sitting in my office (above), posting and visiting blogs, I got an e-mail that one of my NetGalley requests was approved.  I just requested it last week, but it is an 8/1 release Mrs. Fletcher, by Tom Perrotta, one of the most popular and bestselling authors of our time.  It is a penetrating and hilarious new novel about sex, love, and identity on the frontlines of America’s culture wars. (Other books:  Little Children, The Leftovers, and The Abstinence Teacher…my favorites).




So much for cutting back on NetGalley requests!  I now have seven unread books on my shelf.  But…they all have July, August, and September release dates.  So I’m good!  Whew!

I just finished the last of the June releases:  Every Last Lie, by Mary Kubica.  Fabulous! (Click title for my review).



What adventures are you enjoying today?  At home or farther afield?




  1. What sweet travels they’re having. When I hear Prague, I think of Rory in Gilmore Girls. My adventure was running around doing my mama duties – drop off kids at school, go home for some quick chores and tea, see the 10 year old’s class performance, go home again for a bit, pick up tween, and then her sister. Got home and put together slow cooker chili for husband’s daily lunches. After my shower, now I’m heating up leftover baby back ribs for dinner and need to chop up some romaine.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your adventures sound wonderful, too, especially for those on the receiving end of those good foods!

      I am excited that my daughter gets to visit Prague while her “favorite” brother is living there, although I see no signs that he and his wife will move from there.

      To add to the adventure, one of my college granddaughters has been approved to spend a semester in Prague this fall. She is very excited.

      Thanks for stopping by, Stefanie.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and I agree…the dates should work! I try to keep the calendar and my list in my mind when I request….sometimes it’s a squeeze, if an unexpected book becomes available.



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