On Saturday, I wrote about my Weekly Updates:  Unexpected Rain Damage…and how the “sky was falling” in my kitchen.

Happily, the skylight cover has been replaced, see above, and I think it is better than the previous one.  It looks stronger.  Hopefully, this will mean that a little bit of wind and rain will not dislodge it.

But just to be safe, I will approach the kitchen cautiously when it is raining!

For those who love to cook, you can probably figure out why I don’t do much of it in this tiny galley kitchen.  It is just right, however, for someone who primarily uses the coffee pot (by the fridge), and the microwave (not visible in this photo).

Aside from that drama, I am fighting a cold this week.  The first I’ve had in many years.  Airborne has been my friend, but somehow those viruses won out.  Not having had one in a long time, I had to drag myself to the store and stock up on Cold-Eeze, soups, Chamomile tea, etc.  What doesn’t work, apparently….is brandy.



"According to medical science, brandy can't cure the common cold!"  "Neither can medical science!"



Finally I feel up to reading again…and The Marriage Lie is truly engaging...Bestselling author Kimberly Belle is back with a “domestic thriller [that] will keep you reading into the wee hours of the night.” —Redbook





Will and Iris have the perfect marriage, the perfect house…and they are planning the perfect baby.  You know what they say about perfect, right?

He was supposed to be flying to a conference in Orlando, but instead, for no apparent reason, he was on a plane to Seattle….and the plane crashed.  There were no survivors.

Iris now has to figure out if she ever knew her husband….


I also took a nap…yes, naps are good for fighting a cold….





I plan to watch This Is Us tonight….probably curled up in my bed.




What do you enjoy on rainy days…or sick days…or even just a day that is cold outside?




  1. Oh no, feel better soon Laurel. Lots of people sick around here too but, so far so good. I could survive just fine with a coffee pot, hot plate and microwave if I had to 😬

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    • Thanks, Diane, I feel worse at night now….but a couple of days ago, I felt bad all the time, so I guess that’s progress.

      I had forgotten what a cold was like, I was so spoiled by not having one for several years. Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.


  2. Sorry about your cold. Yes, they are tiresome, but at least it wasn’t the flu. I think colds just have to be waited out. I’ve heard that saying that ‘you treat a cold with all kinds of things and it lasts 10 days’ – ‘you don’t treat a cold and it lasts 10 days’. Feel better soon and lots of liquids and lots of rest.

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    • Thanks, Kay, I was worried it was bordering on the flu, as I had some aches and nausea…but I think the upset stomach is from swallowing a lot. I did get my flu shot….

      Yes, liquids are good…Thanks! I like that saying. It sounds true.


    • The hot toddie sounds good…I don’t think I have the ingredients, or maybe I don’t know what a “hot toddie” consists of, Stefanie. LOL.

      Thanks for visiting, and I have been reading and resting today, and each day is a little better, but the nights haven’t been that good.

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