Welcome to the Thursday before Christmas, with several days ahead before the end of the year.

My reading has been “mood” reading and review books this week, as my big push to reach 100 books from my purchased stacks ended on Sunday.

Now what?

Well, first off, I read an Amazon Vine review book, in no particular hurry, since I just got it.  No deadlines looming.

I See You was wonderful…and then became less wonderful at the end.  But still a book I would recommend.  (Click title for my review).





I downloaded one of the Amazon Prime freebies this morning, when I got that warning e-mail:  Last Chance for December!


The Missing, by Caroline Eriksson, is a dark psychological thrill ride—with more twists than a labyrinth and more breathless moments than a roller coaster—and Greta must confront what she’s always kept hidden if she has any hope of untangling the truth.





You’d think I’ve read enough of this kind of book this year…but, no, not really.  Here’s the synopsis:

An ordinary outing takes Greta, Alex, and four-year-old Smilla across Sweden’s mythical Lake Malice to a tiny, isolated island. While father and daughter tramp into the trees, Greta stays behind in the boat, lulled into a reverie by the misty, moody lake…only later to discover that the two haven’t returned. Her frantic search proves futile. They’ve disappeared without a trace.

Greta struggles to understand their eerie vanishing. She desperately needs to call Alex, to be reassured that Smilla is safe, or contact the police. But now her cell phone is missing too. Back at her cottage, she finds it hidden away under the bedsheets. Had she done that? Or had someone else been in the cottage? But who, and why? As Greta struggles to put the pieces together, she fears that her past has come back to torment her, or she’s finally lost her grip on reality…


Because I don’t want to add more books to my Read the Books You Buy Challenge until the New Year—since I’ve officially finished the challenge and a new challenge starts on January 1—I took a peek at some of my older ones, the ones that didn’t count in this event, and found this one, which sounds kind of perfect for Christmas week:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, by Truman Capote (of course!).




I thought I had read it…but I have only ever seen the movie.  So here goes!


Then…maybe one of the free books (they don’t count for challenges!).  Like:


The Things We Wish Were True, by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen.





In an idyllic small-town neighborhood, a near tragedy triggers a series of dark revelations.

From the outside, Sycamore Glen, North Carolina, might look like the perfect all-American neighborhood. But behind the white picket fences lies a web of secrets that reach from house to house.

Up and down the streets, neighbors quietly bear the weight of their own pasts—until an accident at the community pool upsets the delicate equilibrium. And when tragic circumstances compel a woman to return to Sycamore Glen after years of self-imposed banishment, the tangle of the neighbors’ intertwined lives begins to unravel.

During the course of a sweltering summer, long-buried secrets are revealed, and the neighbors learn that it’s impossible to really know those closest to us. But is it impossible to love and forgive them?


Sounds good, right?  Why haven’t I read it before now?  Well, the challenge was for books I had bought…and then there are those review books.

Perfect timing…to read it this week.

What is your reading like this week?  Are you resting on your laurels, or picking up some long-forgotten titles?  Do tell.



    • Thanks for visiting, Patty; since my challenge that focused on books I bought between June 2015 and December 2016 is over for the year, I’m trying to pick older ones, ones I missed. Forgot about. LOL.

      And yes, there is still some December left, but the leader of the challenge already asked for our wrap-ups, although we could keep working until December 31.


  1. Somehow I’ve received a whole pile of new books but I will be sorting my shelves out before 1 January to pick the books that I really want to read – one of my newest additions is The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell which I’ve wanted to read for ages

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