photo - may 13 - new arrangements


Good morning, and it’s time to share a few tidbits about my spaces.  Above, you’ll see what my living room/bookshelf area looked like…before.  Love seat backed up against the shelves.  The pub table was over by the window. (Below).



Coffee, Mimosa, & reading - 2


My new space arranging started when I went out to look for a small table to set by the windows.  Yes, I have the Coca Cola set in the dining area, but I have fond memories of the table that I had placed by the windows…before my daughter absconded with it.  It took a while to find the photo, but there it is, a couple of Christmases ago.





So…what to do!  Naturally, I didn’t find anything I liked in the shops, at least nothing that was worth the price, so….I started rethinking my stuff.

First, my office had this drop leaf table used as a desk….spread out to its full size, it worked.





But…what if I moved the drop leaf table to that vacant spot in the entry way area….



June 3 - rearr.spaces - 2


I need a couple of chairs when I bring it out to its full size….

Meanwhile, in the bedroom there was this miniature rolltop desk….see it in the left corner….




Now, what if it were to move to the vacated nook space….voila!



June 3 office changes 3


Wow, okay, now what about that love seat that was by the bookshelves….here it is, angled in the corner, with a shelf I found in the garage set behind it, for some of my trivia….



June 3 bedroom changes - 1



So…done and done!  Here’s a new view of the living room/dining room.  Yes, I was very tired last night, hardly had any energy to read or watch Netflix…slept really well after I took an Ibuprofen…lol.



new living room view - 64


What do you think?  Should I stop for a while now?  Yes, I heard you…definitely enough for a while.

What does your weekend look like?  Any fun plans?  I know that I would love to go to the beach, but that’s going to wait for another weekend.  Meanwhile, this shot of the coast line near my son and DIL’s home…should keep me going for a bit.



Crescent City in May



  1. Wow! The fun as well as the problem with your redecorating and moving is that it is exhausting! You need to rest for a few days! But I guess creative minds are always looking for new uses for things!

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  2. This takes me back to my childhood. My Mom loved to rearrange the furniture. One time she even had us move the downstairs bunk beds upstairs and the upstairs ones down. I’ve been wanting to do more with my space, and this has given me some ideas. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Jeanene…I see rearranging furniture as a nice alternative to getting new stuff, which isn’t very practical. Shuffling things around satisfies the urge to reinvent the space and use up some creative energy, too.


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