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Hello to Sunday!  Today is hot, just as the previous days have been, so I’m hoping to go to a nearby restaurant with Pippa….and sip something cold, eat something delicious, and enjoy my current read: Wilde Lake, by Laura Lippman.  It is one of her standalones, and I’m enjoying the MC, Luisa Brant (Lu), who is the newly elected and first female state’s attorney in Howard County, Maryland.  Her father was also the state’s attorney when she was growing up, a motherless child.  His benign neglect might have offered her the chance to be independent, fierce, and very skilled at her job when she reached adulthood.  But can she handle her very first case in this role, especially since it brings up many memories of the past?





I like Sundays, as the Weekly Updates offer the opportunity to visit a lot of blogs, and have return visitors.  It feels so social!  Therefore, here I am in my nook, my newly reconfigured little office space, savoring those connections.



June 5 - in the nook


Over in another part of the room is my TBR stack of new print books (and a couple of older ones).



June 5, the stacks


Of course, Pippa has a lot more books hiding in her covers, with even more in the cloud.  The cloud also has books I’ve read, so those numbers are deceptive.  555 books in all, including the 51 on my device.  The rest are floating in the cloud. 

I imagine that cloud as a heaven for books.  Yes, silly thought, I know.


Later, I plan to do some more Netflix bingeing….and perhaps start watching the DVDs I received of the 1960s TV show Peyton PlaceI got Part One of the series, and if I enjoy it, the next one will follow.  So far, it’s kind of boring…I remember loving it at the time, but that was WAY back in the day, and TV viewing was a little less adventurous.  But I’m a fan of Mia Farrow, and back then, I also enjoyed Ryan O’Neal.






June 3 bedroom changes - 1


So that’s my day so far….what are you up to? 



June 5 Madeine Hatter & Coffee Cup




  1. I can remember loving Peyton Place too! It was a must watch, much to the displeasure of my then husband as we only had one television and of course no recorders. How spoiled I am now.

    One of my favorite movies is What’s Up Doc? starring Ryan and Barbra. I imagine you have seen it?

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      • At least mine was reliable. It was black and white and to this day, there are some series from that era that were in color, but I think they were in B&W because that’s how I saw them.

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      • Mine was so unreliable, Dagny, that sometimes the picture started rolling, and we had to hit the side of it before it would stop…lol. And, of course, it was black and white. I didn’t have a color TV until 1971 or so.


  2. I just noticed that you have to take a ton of things off of your bed! Do you do this twice a day? It’s rainy here but also steamy and a bit humid. I am sort of reading and watching “Garage Sale Mysteries” which are really sort of good…stay cool and enjoy your Sunday!

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