bookish  thursdaysWelcome to Thursday, a day that once seemed lost, with nothing exciting happening anywhere.  But then that changed, and today I am celebrating some of the bookish events around the blogosphere, like Lexxie’s Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts; Kimberlyfaye’s TBR Thursday; and Christine’s Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts.

The Frog Prince, by Jane Porter, is the centerpiece for today’s event.



Let’s start off by sharing  a foodie tidbit in honor of Lexxie’s event.  Our MC has left her marriage, is starting over by moving to San Francisco, and suddenly she is realizing that her food habits are not conducive to looking her best:

“I shower, dry off, avoid the mirror.  Diet plans always say to avoid the scale and mirror in the early weeks of any new program (I’ m sure they said the mirror, too), and in my favorite ratty winter pajamas—we wear the flannel winter stuff year-round in the city—I head to the kitchen, open the freezer, look at the carton of Dreyer’s Rocky Road Light (not Chunky Monkey, Olivia).  I know I shouldn’t have ice cream.  Even the light stuff isn’t on the diet plan.  But ice cream isn’t really crap food. It’s dairy.  Calcium.  Protein.  Strong bones.  Helps with sleep.

“I eat right out of the carton.  Three bites.  Four.  I should stop.  I really only need a taste.  Anything more than a taste is just empty calories….”

I can relate to her logic, can’t you?  LOL.


Now…on to the TBR part.  I have had this one on my Kindle since May 2015…so not a LONG time, but I should rescue it.  Here’s a snippet about it:

What happens when the fairy tale is over?

Once upon a time, a lovely maiden from Fresno married the man of her dreams. After the honeymoon, she waited for the “happily ever after” part… until her Prince Charming turned out to be a toad. Now Holly Bishop is about to write a new chapter in her life. She moves to San Francisco to become an event planner — only to find that she is dealing with a gorgeous fairy godmother for a boss and corporate witches wicked enough to sabotage her future. Not to mention the egomaniacal frogs Holly finds lurking at the bottom of the dating pool.

Why haven’t I grabbed this one sooner?  Should I start reading it now?  And I love the part about her leaving Fresno behind…I live there now, but have fond memories of my time in SF in the sixties. 


As for my Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts:

  • After a few rather skimpy reading weeks, I am on a roll this week, reading and reviewing three books already:  Where I Lost Her (e-book), by T. Greenwood;  I Was Here (e-book), by Gayle Forman; and Passenger, The (e-book), by Lisa Lutz. (Click for my reviews).
  • It is raining again today, and I have an appointment with the tax accountant…hoping for not so bad news, but I never know!
  • Taking Pippa along, so I can soothe myself afterwards with a cocktail and a book.
  • My only two granddaughters were both born in February and in the same year; they both turn nineteen this month!  Aubrey’s birthday was last Saturday, and Fiona’s is this Sunday.  Here is a shot of them when they were much younger:


the girls


Fiona, on the left, has covered up her blondness over the years with various shades of red, brunette, etc,  Aubrey has stuck with her brunette locks.  They are very different from one another…they are treasures.


What is your Thursday turning out to be?  Are you celebrating your life, along with bookish things?  Come on by and share!



  1. Patty

    Good luck with the accountant…my day is starting off strangely…but…I am trying to get it back on track. I did not realize you only had two granddaughters…love that photo!


    1. Thanks, Patty, and yes, I have three sons and only one daughter; five grandsons and only two granddaughters. I tell myself that gives me more time to treasure the girls, right?

      I am ready for the accountant, but am I ready for what she will tell me? Yikes!


  2. Raining over there eh? We’re clear here and it’s almost 40 LOL. Yay for warm weather (rolls eyes). Hope you have a great rest of the day- and enjoy your cocktail and a book after your appt. 🙂


  3. LOL of course ice cream is dairy, and thus necessary for female bones 😀 That’s a great quote, Laurel-Rain!
    I love what you said about your grand-daughters too! It’s great that they’re so close in age, but still have all kinds of differences. Do they still get along well?
    I hope you’ve had a terrific Thursday 🙂


    1. Thanks, Lexxie, and they do get along…they don’t get together that often, but when they do, there is nonstop chattering, devices, etc. lol

      I like believing that ice cream is good for me, too; all that calcium..glad you could stop by.


  4. kgriffin3227

    I like the snippets from the book! You should definitely read it soon, especially since you’re familiar with the settings! I Was Here is on my TBR list, so I’ll definitely check out your review. I’m curious about The Passenger too. I have an eARC but haven’t read it yet. I hope you get good news from the accountant! Your granddaughters are really cute and I’m sure they’ve grown up to be lovely young ladies. Sounds like Fiona has a really interesting personality! Happy reading!


    1. Thanks, Kim, they are definitely wonderful young ladies, and I’m not at all biased…lol.

      The news from the accountant wasn’t bad, nor was it wonderful, but it was okay. I enjoyed my cocktail with a salad.

      I started reading The Frog Prince, and I’m loving it so far.


    1. Thanks, Kathy, and I absolutely love ice cream, too, and I miss those tiny granddaughters…but they are interesting young women, too. The accountant’s news was not wonderful, but not bad, either. So it could have been worse! lol


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