BluebonnetsforElly_SMElly Macauley has lost her long-time boyfriend at the same time that her grandmother is laid up with an injury. It makes sense for her to move in with Granny for a while, to help out. However, Granny’s senior citizens’ mobile home park in small town Shannon Ridge, Texas, has a strict rule, enforced by a bitter woman named Mrs. Bagley: no visitor can stay in the park for longer than thirty days.

Unfortunately, Elly has been there longer. Disguises are now part of her everyday life, as she shuttles around the neighborhood in Granny’s golf cart.

Determined to eventually find a suitable job after leaving Granny’s, Elly searches online for possibilities, but it’s an overheard conversation in the local café that turns her on to something unique. She has been clearing out Granny’s house and shed, and listing items for sale. What if others in the park could also use this organizational service? Desperation often breeds creativity, as she soon discovers.

To spice things up for Elly, and also to complicate her life, she has met a hunky landscape artist named Derek. When things heat up between them, she is suddenly besieged by calls from Rick, wanting to talk. And then, unexpectedly, Derek’s past comes back to bite them.

What will Elly do to turn her life around? How will she find love when every man she meets seems to be untrustworthy? Can Derek redeem himself?

Bluebonnets for Elly was a delightful tale of love, creative inspiration, the wisdom of senior citizens, and the unexpected treasures one can discover in a field of gorgeous flowers. My favorite character was Granny, who came out with charming sayings that reminded me of my own grandmother, but I also enjoyed Elly’s feisty character and her determination to find happiness. Five stars.



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