There is a slight breeze out…and I don’t know if the weather is responsible for this problem, but the TV networks are experiencing outages this morning.  Luckily, I still get some channels, but none of the movie channels.  And calling ATT, or going online, produced no results.  Until finally a message came on that there was a “network outage,” and that they “are working hard to fix it.”

The usual mantra.

I am too restless to read.  So I went to several blogs and updated some of my pages to reflect my newest novel.  (And I thought that I had already covered all of those, but I’m always finding more!).

Fiona spent yesterday and last night here, and this morning I took her to the train station for her 6:45 a.m. departure to San Jose.


Fiona - shopping


She had done some shopping and picked out these dresses.  Today she was wearing the second one from the left.  I’m still trying to adjust to her new short, short hair style!

We went to dinner last night…and then watched one of her favorite DVDs:  White Oleander.




I have the book…and have only read it once.  But I have watched the movie a lot of times…mostly with Fiona, who really loves it.

The girl in the movie (and book) is in foster care after her mother goes to prison for murder.  She changes from a girl with long blond hair to a Goth girl.  Maybe that’s what Fiona likes.  And also, the girl is an artist.

Fiona spends a lot of time creating her art work, and took a large creation with her on the train for her boyfriend.


What do you do when you are restless and tired? (Still wishing I had had more sleep!).

The neighborhood park might be a good place to wander today…..





  1. You had a busy fun weekend! When I am restless at night…I open up my Kindle Paperwhite and either read long into the night or fall asleep right away!


    • Reading is very good…I did have a great night reading on Saturday…finished That Night, which I hope you love as much as I did.

      Fiona is a lot of fun…we hang out, and after we watch a movie or do something together, we both enjoy reading or doing something “creative.” Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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