Welcome to another Sunday Potpourri, in which I share some of my favorite obsessions.  Since last July, when I moved into this apartment, I have been pushing to fill my spaces with old and new favorites.

The old favorites include dolls I “lost” in the move in 2019, and the new ones are an expansion of the collections that I have continued throughout the past several years.

Above, note bookcases and a hall tree.  Dolls fill in the spaces, and on the hall tree on the right, I have added some favorite hats and handbags.

A new handbag arrived from Amazon today…so in my bedroom, I have spruced up the little Handbag Tree there.  Note the newest one on the chair next to the “tree.”

I do seem to focus in on my obsessions when life around me is not working out the way I like.  Dark days and bad politics seem to take my breath away.  So I go online and search for beautiful things to lighten my mood.

I always like watching Lipstick Jungle on Prime Videos, even though I have seen both seasons several times.  There is something about those scenes and those characters that take me out of my gloom.

I am always looking for new shows, though, just to add to my queue of good things to enjoy.

Let’s take a closer look at some of my goodies:

The Madeline Hatter doll (above) was one that I had for several years, and then when I was abruptly moved from my condo, many items were sold or given away.  Including the doll.  But I found a replacement, see above, and I am supremely happy!

I am always amazed at how finding old favorites can make a difference in my life.

The Coca Cola furnishings are other things that make me happy, and I was glad to find more of those items, too.  It has literally taken a year to gather many of these “lost” items into my home again.


What do you love to collect, or what activities make your day?




  1. I love, love your red handbag. I stopped collecting anything, to keep down on the number of things in the house as i plan to downsize some day. But I do collect local artists’ pottery, especially cups, at local art fairs.

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    1. Thanks, Harvee, I used to collect dolls, bears, and other things that are big…but mugs and handbags don’t take up much space. I love the red bag, too, and it is going with me on my shopping outing today!


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