white palace book

An urban tale of love against the odds, in which Max, an upwardly mobile copywriter and Nora, a 40 year-old waitress from the wrong side of town, become embroiled in a torrid affair.
potpourri thoughts

White Palace was a book I read after I had seen the James Spader/Susan Sarandon movie, which I loved and viewed several times.

The language in the book, including the dialogue, mirrored many aspects of the movie, and I especially liked how both the book and the movie showed us Max’s fussy behavior, like constantly straightening the fringes on his rug and arranging his clothes in the closet to emphasize the style and color. Nora, on the other hand, lived a chaotic and messy lifestyle, but her exuberance appealed to Max.

From Max’s point of view, we see Nora’s glaring imperfections, which somehow draw him to her even more than the beauty of his deceased wife.

Their journey together had many ups and downs, and often they seemed very incompatible. When an unexpected event happened, their relationship ended, but Max felt the loss of her deeply. What would he do to reconnect with her? Would they finally pick up the pieces? A 4 star read.



  1. This is one that I have always wanted to read. I liked the movie but don’t remember any details about it. I should probably try to get my hands on a copy of it. Glad you enjoyed it!

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    • Thanks, Carole, I LOVED the movie and own a copy. I have seen it several times, and parts of the book and movie match. But other aspects do not. I actually couldn’t imagine the character described in the book looking anything like Susan Sarandon! LOL.


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