After reading Keep Her Safe, which I finished last night (click title for my review), I removed Did You See Melody?, as it was a duplicate.

Now, as I contemplate the remaining print books, I am also focusing on the numerous e-books languishing on Pippa.

But today is not about those books, but about sharing photos from the week.  My granddaughter Aubrey is enjoying her time in Prague (and Berlin, and other neighboring countries).  Here’s one I like.



Let’s skip on over to a small town in North Dakota, where my step-grandson Spencer is enjoying time with his kids.  Here he is with Bella and Lilly:



Lilly, Maddix, & Bella….


Getting ready for Halloween:  Lilly & Bella…


Now…let’s travel back to California, to LA and celebrities.  Here is a photo of my first grandson Alec, now 22 and a senior at Berkeley.  Yes, that’s Janet Jackson holding him.  At the time, she was secretly married to Rene Elizondo, the brother of Alec’s cousin-in-law, Hugo, a definite “six degrees of separation” thing.  I actually met Hugo and his wife Cherie, who is Alec’s mother’s cousin.  They enjoyed hosting parties for family and friends.

If you live in LA, anything can happen.



So that’s my story today.  What are you sharing?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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