My plan for yesterday came together beautifully! 

Yes, I feared that going out of the neighborhood to a movie theater that is not near any restaurants might make the whole experience less than enjoyable.

I was wrong!

I stopped at a restaurant along the way (Chili’s), where the server was wonderful about customizing my salad.  Their menu selection was a huge salad…so, instead, she fixed up a small salad with grilled chicken and dressing on the side (See the photo above).

At the theater, I found another surprise.  I hadn’t been to this theater in years (two or three?), and now they have seat selection, wide aisles, and reclining seats.  Yes, many theaters are changing over, but I expected my neighborhood one to change before others.

The movie.  Wow!  Sam Elliott did not disappoint, and what could have been a morose story about an aging actor (Lee Hayden) who hasn’t done anything memorable in years…turned into a musing journey, with humorous moments, and flashbacks to the past that unfolded in a surreal kind of kaleidoscope.

The film revealed a lovely setting on the California coast line and a home that overlooks it all…and a few views of the city (LA, probably).

I always enjoy Laura Prepon (from OITNB), with her snarky wit, and it was great to catch a glimpse of Katharine Ross (from The Graduate) as the ex-wife.  Krysten Ritter (from Breaking Bad, etc.) was perfect as the disillusioned daughter who has felt abandoned by her father, and is now reluctant to reconnect.

A Sundance movie…that explains a lot about how enjoyable it was, IMO.  Anything with Redford’s prints on it can’t be disappointing.


So after a wonderfully delightful day, I went home to watch several episodes of Offspring, Season 6.   With a quirky dysfunctional family, this Australian show has been addictive for me since its beginning.

What does your week hold for you?  Just to tempt you, here’s the dessert I had yesterday…after my salad.   I took the Debbie Macomber book along, as my Kindle power needed charging…and I didn’t have time to do it before I left.




Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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