Good morning!  Welcome to another Weekend Potpourri, an event that I haven’t featured in a while.

I love this teapot (above), but now it is iced tea weather here.  So it stays on its tray atop the microwave in my kitchen, while I move on to summer things.  Yes, it is technically spring, but the temperature has been creeping upwards every day.  Today the anticipated high is 86 degrees…but right now it is 69.  But give it time…it is only 9:00 a.m.!



iced tea image- resized


Yesterday I purged some more and rearranged some shelves.  Removing one whole shelf from my bedroom to the garage, along with some books to donate.  I did some initial shots over at my Bookish & Non-Bookish Saturday, but since then, I have tweaked the shelves and wall hangings a bit more.  Before, three shelves were crammed together, and now (below), you can see how it looks minus one shelf.  And with a different grouping of dolls, along with the shamrock hanging instead of the Red Hat one….



new bedroom 2 may -


Across the room (below), I have rearranged these shelves with a spillover from the one shelf…and here’s the Red Hat hanging….and atop one shelf, is the Red Hat figurine….



new bedroom may 3


Now I have two large bags of books in the garage that will eventually make it to the library…or to some other charitable organization.  I can’t believe how ruthlessly I took away the books….and some of my family photos on the shelves are in a desk drawer.


Perhaps I would feel a little angst over the books that have departed…if I took the time to examine them closely.  I did manage to keep some favorites….and that’s a good thing.

Do you find yourself purging ruthlessly?  Or do you carefully consider each book toss?  Do you enjoy rearranging your spaces?


Today I am reading another suspense thriller from Hallie EphronNever Tell a Lie.





“[A] richly atmospheric tale. You can imagine Hitchcock curling up with this one.”
USA Today


Author Hallie Ephron’s fast paced and disturbingly creepy Never Tell a Lie is a page-turning thrill ride that maestro Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud to call his own. A descent into gripping suburban terror, this stunner by the Ellen Nehr Award-winning mystery reviewer for the Boston Globe has been called “a snaky, unsettling tale of psychological suspense” by the Seattle Times. Fans of Mary Higgins Clark, Harlan Coben, and classic gothic mystery will adore this supremely suspenseful and consistently surprising story of a yard sale gone terribly wrong.


Happy Weekend!



    • Yes, thinking complicates everything! And when I am determined to rid myself of books, I seem to know which ones cannot leave my house without even thinking about it. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


    • I had to do that for a while…in fact, for the longest time, Cleopatra. And then, for whatever reason, everything changed. Maybe I’ve been thinking about moving again and want to get ahead of things. Or maybe I am just ready to have fewer things around me. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I also have ruthlessly purged. The worst was when I moved over 1000 miles from a house in which I’d lived for twenty years. I was appalled at the number of books I had which I’d never read and a great number of them went. I figured if I hadn’t read them in ten or twenty years, what made me think I’d read them in the next year or so, if ever. Well one of the discards ended up being a group read a few months later and I had to scrounge another copy of it. Other than that, I think there was only one book which I had to replace.


    • I was determined to read the books on the TBR stacks when I moved here…and I have done that, for the most part. I only have a handful of print books unread, and I have accumulated them since I moved. I started adding e-books in 2010, and they are another story, but they don’t take up much space, so I tell myself. LOL

      I don’t know what I would do if I had to move that far away! So far, I have stayed within the state. Thanks for visiting, Dagny.

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