I’ve been having a great day of lazing around the house this morning, playing with my new TV; reading on Sparky, my Kindle; and watching an old DVD that still makes me cry, even though I’ve probably watched it twenty times.

What movie, you ask?

Terms of Endearment, with Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger, and Jack Nicholson…awesome!


Don’t you find that watching an old movie on a new TV screen renders the whole experience a bit magical?  Well, it does that for me, anyway.

I took Sparky with me to run errands afterwards, and ended up having lunch at Mimi’s…again, in the neighborhood.  I love this neighborhood, as so many of my favorite eateries and shops are so close by.

What I’m reading….More Than You Know, by Penny Vincenzi.  It’s a lush tale set in London in the 1960s (at least in the beginning); and I’m loving the reminders of a time in my own past, even though I didn’t live in London.

I have a feeling I’ll be reading this one for awhile (608 pages), as I’m savoring it.  And I’m constantly distracted by other things.

Yesterday was my second son’s birthday.  Here’s a shot of him when he was much younger.

Toddler Brett on the left



Brett Celebrating the Stanley Cup – Recently


He lives a few hours away, so in between visits, we talk on the phone and connect on Facebook.

I’m now planning to watch some DVR recordings…again, on the new TV.  And then read.  And nap, perhaps.

What are your favorite weekend pastimes?



  1. Love the photos…Mimi’s looks like a place I would love!

    We spent today playing ith leaves…yard work…and catching up on TiVo’d shows!

    I even made a cake…yellow with chocolate icing…the cake is from scratch…the icing from a can…because that’s the kind my mom used to make!



    • Oh, yours sounds like a fabulous day, Patty…I love the fall leaves, they’re so crisp and colorful. And the TiVo’d shows…sounds like what I’m doing, too.

      I haven’t made a “from scratch” cake in so many years, but yes, that would remind me of my mom, too.

      Mimi’s is decorated like a country French inn….


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