Today has started out as one of those days when I have that restless feeling.  Not so unusual, really, but today’s episode in My Life on the Edge feels a bit surreal.

For one thing, I had a series of dreams last night that were crazier than usual.  The characters, the plots, the crazy-making stuff—all of it heralded from that inner place where my fiction usually resides.

Maybe it’s because I’m doing this writing challenge (ROW 80), in which I’m recreating my daily writing habit.

Or perhaps it’s because, in the process of creating my current WIP, my characters have led me into a dark place and I’m wondering how to extricate them—and myself.

Hey, this is stuff for my Chronicle, I guess, but I don’t mind telling it here.  I talked about some of it in my Check-In Post yesterday.

Do you ever dream in order to create?  Or do your dreams lead you and your characters on strange and circuitous paths?

Earlier, my restless energy was carrying me around the blogosphere, clicking on links to find out what other bloggers were doing and saying.

When that happens, I sometimes come back here to my blog and do something to stir up my creativity—like change blog headers or themes, or write crazy posts like this one.

After I’m done, I’ll probably change the blog header.  Not the theme, as I’m very happy with this one.  Several of my other blogs are wearing it, too!

Hope you’ll stop by and share some thoughts or restlessness.



  1. I have tried to dream in order to create, but have not learned to control my dreams as such. However, my dreams often inspire me. I can identify with your restless energy. Mine sometimes becomes so overwhelming that it just causes me to freeze and not do anything. Then I have to find something to extricate me from that state of funk.

    Tossing It Out


    • I don’t feel as though I have any control over my dreams, but sometimes they do filter over into my waking life and help me create…even if nothing else comes but blog posts about them!

      However, when I worked on my WIP this morning, I felt as though the creative energy helped me work longer than my goal for the day.

      Thanks for stopping by, Arlee….



  3. Hmmm…lately I have been having really peaceful nights…lots of reading by the light of my Kindle before watching some television and then falling asleep…It is good for me to have only one blog…then I can’t do too much changing…but it is so cold here all of a sudden that snuggling at night and sleeping are all I can manage…thank goodness for a snuggly kitty next to me…she keeps us both warm…


    • I know that I’m very wimpy when I say it’s been cold here, too; I realize that 30s and 40s are really warm in comparison to some places.

      I do enjoy reading at night, too; maybe my dreams are crazy because they’re picking up on my reading thoughts…hmm.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.



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  6. I don’t usually take inspiration from dreams as my dreams are usually not of the material I would normally write about. Although, I have been having plenty of vivid ones lately. When I wind up in a funk, however, I tend to ruminate and this will usually lead me down the path of what I need to do to solve a problem within my wip.

    Hope you’ve found a bit of peace since then. Or, at the very least, the journey your restlessness inspired led you into finding some wonderful things. [I love the look of your blogs.]


    • Thanks for stopping by, Kimberly…sometimes I think my dreams are a crazy mish-mash of odd characters and themes because I spend my days reading, watching movies, and reflecting on the people I’ve known in the past. Some of this stuff filters into my WIP, as I create characters and plots.

      One of my characters has been trying to reinvent herself, and in doing so, has thought about “the road not taken.” Which led me down that road as well…I thought about someone I knew in college; someone I didn’t pursue because I was already “attached.” This idea worked its way into my character’s story about someone she had known in her college days.

      Of course I’m embellishing and changing it up, so in the end, it bears little resemblance to my own past….


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