Good morning, and welcome to some Tuesday Thoughts.  Book Release Day!  Yes, I have cut down on my buying…in August, I only purchased six books.  (July was scary, though, with 13 purchases).

I am currently reading a library book:  Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine...and loving it.  But when I saw some books I’ve been awaiting, I had to “click to buy.”  And Paige, my new Oasis, welcomed them.

The Golden State, by Lydia Kiesling

A gorgeous, raw debut novel about a young woman braving the ups and downs of motherhood in a fractured America


Then, I couldn’t resist this one:

Cross Her Heart, by Sarah Pinborough

Lisa is living a lie and everyone is about to find out.


My newest Kindle, an Oasis named Paige, came to my home on the weekend.  I’ve had fun arranging the books on my device, and as I scrolled through the content in the Cloud, I saw books I bought a while ago, just languishing there.  I had to bring some of them down!

One of those was my featured book today on Rainy Day Excerpts:  “Hungry Heart”, a collection of essays by Jennifer Weiner.  I bought the book in 2016!

What treasures one can find in the Cloud.


What treasures, if any, have you found today?  Do you sometimes savor the books you already have, and just haven’t yet read?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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