Morning ablutions set the stage for my days, beginning in my little en suite bathroom, which I’ve decorated with some favorite things.  The little pottery containers, the candle, and the photo of a lounging woman are a mix of old and newer things.

The candle is one I bought in 1968!  I had walked to the shop in my suburban Sacramento neighborhood, toddler and infant in tow. I picked up the candle from the home section, felt a connection to it, and dropped it into my basket.

Now, almost 50 years later, that candle has survived numerous house moves (more than 20 at last count!), and except for a small crack on the side, it is almost as good as new.  It reflects a time in my life when candles, incense, peace, and love were at the forefront.

Do you enjoy things that speak to you of your history?

Nowadays, my mornings begin with coffee at the computer.  Today’s morning shows something like this…books, a bulletin board with memorable photos, and the cute rag doll that reminds me of how dolls fit into a bookish life.


Here is a glimpse of the blog header at this site:



Across town, Fiona has launched her independent life in her new apartment…here she is at work:  she doesn’t look that happy.  Maybe it is a boring day…


At home, these friends await her, and I know she is looking forward to joining them:



Several states away, in North Dakota, my step-great granddaughters will soon be turning four:  Bella and Lilly, showing off their happy faces…



Such a mix of young and old, home and family.  What does your world look like this January?



  1. Patty

    Oh my…my world…we just had lunch…the kitties just had lunch…there was an ipadupdate…and I am tearing through emails in order to get back to Class Mom! My plan is to stay in all day long!

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